FAQ: Camelbak Bite Valve cleaning guide

One of the unique things about the Camelbak range of water bottles it their non-spill silicone bite valve. This allows you to keep a bottle in the ON position, but not leak when it falls over or tips on its side. It also allows for easy 'one-handed' drinking. The bite valves are a consumable part of the product, and should be replaced periodically. To keep them in the best shape, here's our tips for keeping them clean.

thumb-sippy-straw-cleaner-thumbCLEANING TIPS

  • Remove them from the bottle on a regular basis (every couple of days) and rinse the inside. Allow to completely dry.
  • Use a Sippy Straw Cleaner to clean the inside with hot soapy water once a week (or more frequently if dirty).
  • Do not force the slit open with the straw cleaner or you will damage the opening.
  • Soaking & washing with a solution of bi-carb soda and vinegar will help to remove any stubborn stains / smells. If they don't, it's time to replace the bite valve.


  • While they are a BITE valve, and designed to be bitten on to drink, they are not designed to withstand constant chewing. If you have purchased a Kids Eddy Bottle or a larger Eddy bottle for a child and they like to chew mouthpieces, be prepared to have a stash of replacement bite valves on hand. They will eventually wear through them. If you think your child would be suited to something less tempting to chew, please check out our full water bottle range HERE and review other options. We are always happy to answer pre-sales questions to ensure you get the right bottle the first time.
  • Please thoroughly wash the bottle AND the bite valve before the first use. Hot soapy water is fine. We do not recommend the dishwasher.


Each bite valve has a slit across the top that opens up when you bite on it. This is the mechanism that allows water through and for it not to spill when open. In some rare cases, the slit doesn't appear to go all the way through when you first go to use it.

Working the slit open is usually as simple as rolling it between your fingers a few times to pop it open. Sometimes it may take a minute or two. Just keep squeezing and manipulating the valve (in all directions) until it opens up. You will be able to see by the markings on the top of the valve where it's supposed to open. Once you get it open the first time from the factory, you won't have any issues opening it again.


  1. Click through to the CAMELBAK category in our store
  2. In the left hand column, go to the PRODUCT TYPE heading and click MOUTHPIECE.
  3. You will now have a list of just the replacement mouthpieces & bite valves available

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


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