Enzymes used in natural automatic dishwasher powder

Inside the body, digestive enzymes are used to break down food into small particles that can be utilized by the body. For example, the digestive enzyme protease is used to break down protein in your food.

The brands Eco Store & Seventh Generation both use enzymes in their Automatic Dishwasher Tablets & Powders instead of harsh chemicals. While they are much safer than mainstream alternatives, enzymes have been known to cause skin irritation in some people, and as such, those choosing to reduce the load of toxins & irritants in their life should ensure they know what enzymes are, when it's a good idea to use them, and how to handle them correctly to avoid any irritation.

Enzymes in Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Are they safe? Yes, but they do require careful handling. It's important that the enzymes don't come in contact with your skin, so, avoid handling powder and ensure that when you're handling the tablets, their biodegradable wrapper is still in tact. Both the Eco Store & Seventh Generation natural dishwasher powder we stock have a low alkalinity and are derived from Corn, Potato & Wheat.

Won't the enzymes stay on my dishes? No. They get rinsed away. As long as you only have items in your dishwasher that are non-porous (ie: crockery, stainless steel), any potential skin irritant will be washed away.

What about plastic? We actually advise that people do NOT put plastic in the dishwasher. Why? Plastic, even if it's BPA Free, has the potential to degrade at extremes of temperature. Freezing, microwaving or auto-dishwasher contact should therefore be avoided.

Enzymes in Laundry Liquid

There are many products on the market that you can find in your local supermarket that have enzymes in them. The use of protease helps to break down protein left on your clothes and the amylase helps to break down starches. While the use of these two enzymes cuts down the amount of chemicals required in the product, they can be a skin irritant. If you notice skin irritation in laundry products containing enzymes, that's probably why.

If you have sensitive skin, we advise that you stay clear of any mainstream laundry cleaning product containing enzymes, or anything else that has the potential to come in contact with the skin. Choosing products from our natural cleaning products category will keep you well clear of any potential skin irritation.



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