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7 things you can do with Egyptian Magic when you're on holidays

Have you tried Egyptian Magic yet? It's one of the most natural & versatile products in our natural skin care range. If you're travelling, this is one product that can replace several in your beauty bag. Here's 7 things you can do with just one jar.

1. Egyptian Magic as a makeup primer

When you're travelling, you probably want your natural makeup kit to be as light as possible. While you'll pack a foundation, there's no way anyone is packing a primer to even out their skin before applying foundation. Egyptian Magic acts as a soft primer. If it's good enough for Hollywood makeup artists, then it's good enough for us too!

2. Egyptian Magic to treat burns, sunburn and windburn

You've been out all day in the sun, on the water and pretty much just having a fabulous time, but your skin is looking dry, red and angry. It doesn't matter how much natural sunscreen you wear, if you stay out all day, you'll have some issues to deal with at the end of the day. Gently apply Egyptian Magic to affect areas of your skin. It has the ability to help take away a little of the sting and burning sensation from minor burns. Re-apply for 3 to 4 days to keep the moisture in your skin as it heals. Doing it just once isn't quite enough.

3. Egyptian Magic as a makeup remover and a facial cleanser

You can dampen down this cream and use it as you would any cream based natural cleanser. Applied to a cotton ball, you can remove any makeup, even natural mascara with ease.

4. Egyptian Magic as a face moisturiser and eye cream

Some people may find it's too oily for this purpose, and that's ok. But for many, when you're on holidays and you're packing light, used sparingly and especially at night, it's a great nourishing lotion for dry skin that's had way too much fun during the day!

5. Egyptian Magic as an acne treatment

Dab on acne as it appears and use afterwards to help heal acne scars. While we haven't road tested this one, and while it may not perform quite as well as leading natural acne treatments do, you're skin will thank you for an Egyptian Magic acne treatment while you're on holidays. Let's face it, packing acne treatment isn't high up on most people's list.

6. Egyptian Magic as an after shave

Whether it's a 'boy' shave or a 'girl' shave, you can soothe any nicks, cuts or scratches with Egyptian Magic.

7. Egyptian Magic for itchy skin and scratches

Like the shaving, any minor skin aggravation can be soothed with Egyptian Magic.

We have had nothing but positive customer feedback on Egyptian Magic. One customer gives it 4 stars out of 5. The rest give it 5 stars out of 5. For the one customer who gave it 4 stars, they said the cream is a little oily, which it is. Because of this, we wanted to provide some more in-depth information on the consistency and just what it's good for, especially when you have to pack light or if you're just on a budget.

Lillian says "Purchased this cream to improve my daughter's skin condition and she is very happy with the results"

This is where we think Egyptian Magic truly shines. It has only 6 ingredients, and the first one is an oil. The ingredients are olive oil, royal jelly, honey, bee pollen, beeswax and propolis. The ingredients combine to form a nourishing and healing synergy that help to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and the driest of damaged skin. Here's just some of the uses for Egyptian Magic. If you're travelling and you want to travel light, it's one of those products that can easily replace half a dozen and provide some rudimentary first aid too.



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