Eco Modern Essentials vs doTERRA

Eco Modern Essentials and doTERRA are just two of the major brands of essential oils that we stock here at Shop Naturally. They are at opposite ends of the pricing scale, so it's the brand comparison we get asked about the most. This guide will give you an idea on what the biggest differences are between these two essential oils brands.

Grade / Quality

Neither of these brands are certified organic. (If you want certified organic, please check out our oil blends from Lively Living). Both brands are 100% natural which is the minimum requirement to be on our shelves.

doTERRA - 100% Natural (CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - read below)

It is important to understand that CPTG is a trademarked marketing term. doTERRA do their own in-house testing, and from their claims, it is very strict. You can read about that HERE. It is not an industry recognised standard and therefore, these oils also fall in to the 100% Natural category.

Are the oils diluted?

For the large majority of the ranges, no. There are some examples where essential oils from both brands are diluted in carrier oil. Here are a couple of examples form each, although it not a complete list. We openly disclose carrier oils in our ingredients lists for both brands.

ECO MODERN ESSENTIALS - their roller balls are all diluted for safe topical application directly on to the skin. Their Sandalwood is diluted to 10%, their Rose to 3%, Jasmine to 3% and German Chamomile to 3%. The pure versions of these 4 oils would significantly drive the price up and this is a brand set at the affordable / entry level price point, so they are diluted in a carrier oil.

doTERRA - the doTERRA Touch series are the pre-diluted roller balls for safe application directly on the skin. Don't automatically assume everything doTERRA put in a roller ball is pre-diluted though. Their Past Tense, In Tune and Clary Calm (for example) are all in roller balls but should be diluted before topical application. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil or any other carrier oil you have handy. There is a perfume blend called Whisper that comes pre-diluted and is commonly worn as a perfume.

Company Location

If you're looking for essential oils from Australia, then the clear choice between these two is Eco Modern Essentials (and if you want local AND organic, Lively Living ticks both those boxes). They are an Australian company and do their manufacturing and bottling here. doTERRA are based in Utah in the USA and source their oils from their native locations around the world. Their eucalyptus is sourced from Australia and shipped around the globe. There is a doTERRA warehouse in Australia where we get all out stock from, so there are some local jobs created by this company, but the majority of the money from this brand will end up overseas. As a retailer, we only stock products for resale that are available in the Australian warehouse. We don't import anything from their USA warehouses.

Company Structure

ECO MODERN ESSENTIALS are very much a traditional wholesale > retail business model. As a retailer, we purchase our stock from them directly and then sell at their retail price. For anyone who is an influencer, Eco Modern Essentials also have an affiliate program with Commission Factory where you can earn 10% commission on the sales that are generated through your unique affiliate link.

doTERRA are a MLM or Multi-Level Marketing company. They too, also offer the traditional wholesale > retail business model for stores and that's all we do here at Shop Naturally. We do not participate in the MLM side of their business at all. There are many people who do not like the MLM business model and the commissions paid from this company are high for those who climb the ladder. If you want to make money selling oils, there is potential with this company far beyond the 10% from Eco Modern Essentials, but please, if you do sign up, respect the oils and safety usage and do your own research outside of what the company give you.

Because of their high commission structure, we have seen a lot of information online about the use of essential oils that we don't find particularly safe or accurate. We stand beside all trained aromatherapists when we say this is not good for the industry and the safe use of essential oils should be practiced at ALL times. At Shop Naturally we are not remotely interested in encouraging higher consumption in anticipation of your next order. We just want you to use your oils safely. To that end, we always recommend the safety information for essential oils comes from OUTSIDE the brand who manufactured or sold you the oils. Having a reference book or the right sites bookmarked is vital.

Available Products

ECO MODERN ESSENTIALS have 37 single essential oils 17 essential oil blends as well as selling packs and a range of aroma diffusers.

doTERRA have over 50 single oils (both neat and diluted in roller balls) and close to 40 blends. They also make diffusers, skin care, hair products, toothpaste, deodorant and a range of supplements.

Shop the Ranges

We don't stock all the products from both brands here at Shop Naturally. We have a reasonable amount of oils and blends from both brands, but we do not stock any of the additional skin care, personal care or supplement products. Click on one of the logos below to start shopping.

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