Your complete guide to the TKWide range from Klean Kanteen

The TKWide range of bottles from Klean Kanteen had their worldwide release on June 1, 2019. The innovation in lid technology, new thread design and superior insulation make these the ultimate multitasking insulated water bottle that can also be used as a food jar, travel coffee mug, smoothie cup or soup flask with the quick change of a lid.

The body of the TKWide is all stainless steel (there's coloured paint on the outer of all but the stainless steel version - more details below). This means that you're not going to retain any odours when you swap from water to coffee to soup to a banana smoothie. If you're using the lids for anything that may retain any odour, rinse them in a water & white vinegar bath and the smells will go away.


The TKWide comes in 5 different sizes, pictured left to right (above) as follows:-

  • 12oz / 355ml
  • 16oz / 473ml
  • 20oz / 592ml
  • 32oz / 946ml
  • 64oz / 1900ml

The first three all share the same diameter, 7.62mm, so they are ideally suited to virtually every car cup holder around (please measure yours first just in case). The larger two sizes are wider again - with the 32oz sharing the same height as the 20oz, but the 64oz is larger on all fronts, virtually giving you a 2 litre capacity multi-tasking water bottle.


One thing that Klean Kanteen drink bottles do better than most other drink bottles on the market is their extensive insulation times.

  • 12oz gives up to 11 hours hot insulation and 38 hours iced insulation
  • 16oz gives up to 14 hours hot insulation and 47 hours iced insulation
  • 20oz gives up to 17 hours hot insulation and 58 hours iced insulation
  • 32oz gives up to 22 hours hot insulation and 75 hours iced insulation
  • 64oz gives up to 38 hours hot insulation and 135 hours iced insulation

When a product gives up to 11 hours hot insulation, the following criteria should be followed and met:-

  1. Assumes the flask bottle was pre-heated with boiling water
  2. Assumes the lid remains in place during the whole period
  3. Assumes that the bottle / flask was full
  4. At the end of the time frame, if all this was met, then the bottle should still be holding around half its original heat. ie: if something was 90°C when it went in, after 11 hours it should still be 45°C.


The old style wide mouth insulated flasks from Klean Kanteen had a narrow drinking edge and the thread was on the outside. They were not pleasant to drink from. The new TKWide has an edge like a cup. It's rounded, wider, and designed to drink from. The thread has been moved inside and instead of a traditional thread, these dots give a smooth and seamless 'screw on and screw off' of the lids, whether it's bpa free plastic against stainless steel, or stainless steel against stainless steel as you find with the TKPro flasks that are zero plastic.

TKWide Cafe Cap

This is the lid that comes standard with the 12oz, 16oz and 20oz bottles, making them a leakproof travel mug / reusable coffee cup. You twist it in the open position to drink, at which point, it needs to stay upright. Twist it back and lock it in to the leakproof position to carry around and keep the heat in. The stainless steel loop is used to carry the coffee cup or to use a caribiner to clip it on to a bag.

The Cafe Cap can be completely pulled apart for cleaning, which should be done on a regular basis. As mentioned above, soak it in a water / white vinegar bath to remove an odour that won't go away. You can buy spare Cafe Caps if yours wears out and you can also add the Cafe cap to the 32oz or 64oz bottles. You can drink 2 litres of coffee right??? !!!!!

TKWide Loop Cap

For the cleanest experience of No Plastic Touching your Food or Drink, the Wide Loop Cap is a leakproof lid that provides a slightly superior insulation period than the other caps. The underside of the lid is stainless steel and it has the same loop feature as the Cafe Cap to use to carry the bottle (see picture of the yellow bottle above).

The TKWide Wide Loop Cap comes standard with the 32oz and 64 oz bottles. If you're using any of the smaller bottles as an insulated food flask, we recommend the addition of this cap to your order as you will get far superior insulation and you won't have to pull your cafe cap apart to clean after every use.

WHEN CHOOSING AN INSULATED FOOD FLASK, they perform better if they are filled. For little ones, the 355ml is probably all they need. Most food jars in store are 500ml and if they're only half filled, they won't perform as well.

TKWide Chug Cap

The greatest flaw with a wide mouth bottle is that they can be hard to drink from. It's also really difficult to find a good quality 2 litre water bottle with a sports cap on it. The Chug Cap fixes both of these problems.

Unscrew the lid to expose the drinking hole in the TKWide Chug Cap and a slot in the top of the cover sits in the stainless steel handle to keep it out of the way while you're drinking. It is these small details on top of the innovation used for their insulation that sets Klean Kanteen apart from so many competitors. The Chug Cap is best used with cold drinks. Use the Cafe cap for hot drinks.

TKWide Straw Cap

Turn the TKWide bottles in to smoothie cups with the Straw Cap. This lid answers several small issues that people find with a regular smoothie cup.

  1. VOLUME - because TKWide goes up to 1900ml, you can get a smoothie this large and keep it cold for hours
  2. LEAKPROOF FOR TRANSPORT - while your Straw Lid isn't leakproof, both of the lids that come standard with TKWide bottles are leakproof. If you want to buy a smoothie and drink if in 4 hours time, you can do that. The insulation on these bottles and the lids is far superior to that of any dedicated smoothie cup on the market because they are wider and have no insulation in the lid.

The Straw Lid set comes with the screw lid, a smoothie width (10mm) stainless steel straw with a black silicone tip PLUS a clear silicone straw extender. Since this kit is designed to use with a wide variety of bottles, you can't cut the bottom off an elongated stainless steel straw safely, you can slide a silicone extender over a regular length straw and cut it to measure.

The Straw with the extender is shown above with the 32oz bottle which is also the same height as the 20oz. Simply cut to your desired length with a pair of sharp scissors.


The way to tell a cheap vs premium water bottle is to see what the paintwork looks like after a few weeks / months. Klean Coat™ is a powder coat paint finish that's 4x more durable and chip resistant than the average bottle. Klean Kanteen bottles have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, so they are painted to look as pristine as possible for as long as possible.


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