Bone Broth Concentrate

Our bone broth concentrate comes from the Australian brand Meadow & Marrow. When they created this product they were pioneers in the space. Before this, our bone broths were a dehydrated bone broth powder. The concentrates are shelf stable in our store, but once opened at home, need to remain in the fridge. They will last through to their used by date once opeend as long as they stay in the fridge.

The concentrates have 10x the amino acids than a traditional broth and 16x the good fats. They don't leave 'bits' behind when you drink them with hot water and many believe they have a superior taste to a dehydrated powder.

Meadow & Marrow have two ranges, a culinary range for cooking and a performance range with added nutritional benefits, tehse are AM Cleanse, Populate, Burn and Boost. Taste the difference today.

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