Aroma Diffusers for Safe Aromatherapy Essential Oil Dispersion

You picked your perfect essential oil blend and now you need to diffuse your essential oils safely while also keeping the integrity of your oils in tact. Aroma Diffusers that use electricity are sometimes also called an ultrasonic vaporiser, and they use vibration to disperse your oils through cold water, not heat. This means an aromatherapy diffuser is safer to use around small children than an oil burner, which has a naked flame.

The range from Lively Living come in a  variety of designs, sizes and features, and many make excellent pieces to keep on display in your home with stunning glass, ceramic and bamboo casings that can put on a spectacular light show when in use. For more personal and intimate use, we also have a selction or aromatherapy jewelery to wear every day or to keep in the car.


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