Vegan Natural Products Shopping Guide

How does the Vegan Shopping Guide Work?

As Australia's most inclusive online natural, eco, health, wellbeing, beauty & lifestyle store, we cater to a wide range of customers, many of whom have specific dietary or ethical needs when they shop. We are making it easier for everyone to shop with the inclusion of our shopping guides. We have checked every product in store and added them to a dedicated VEGAN category. When you visit one of our dedicated vegan categories (left), the page heading and content will let you know that you are on a vegan friendly page, you will be able to see the Currently Shopping by choice as Vegan (see below) and each product will be marked with our own vegan icon (this is not complete yet, some products will not display this icon yet).

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What ingredients do we avoid in vegan products?

In our store, the main ingredient that's in our range that vegan customers avoid is beeswax. It is a common ingredient in sunscreen, lip balms, some skin care including cleansers and moisturisers and also in our beeswax food wraps. We do have a vegan alternative for those as well.

A very small number of products in our food and supplements area may have bone broth of collagen derived from marine or land animals. We also have one 100% biodegradable silk dental floss in store. We have vegan alternatives for all of these products.

What is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

In simple terms, a vegan product contains NO animal by-products. A vegetarian diet can contain animal by-products but not if the animal had to die. So honey or beeswax is acceptable in the vegetarian diet, but not the vegan diet.


We estimate at least 95% of the products on our shelves are vegan. Over 99% of the products are vegetarian. We do not allow products that do animal testing on our shelves. The small number of products that are not vegetarian are included in the store either for their eco aspect (ie: there is no 100% biodegradable vegan dental floss, but the silk one is), a dietary reason, a skin health reason (honey as a skin healer) or gut health related (for bone broth and collagen products).

Because we embrace diversitiy and we are a more inclusive store than many others, we do cater to the customers who require this small selection of animal based products. We also understand how passionate our vegan customers are, which is why we created our Vegan Shopping Guide for you all.

We love hearing from our customers and having you all as an active member of our social community. We simply ask that when you discuss vegan products and the vegan lifestyle, that you respect the diversity of our audience.


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