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Vitamix Blender (5200 Total Nutrition Center) - Standard Package - Stainless Steel Silver

Free shipping anywhere in Australia on this versatile blender that can make anything from frozen ice cream, hot soup to nut butters.


  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia
  • Fresh fruit & vegetable juice retaining fibre & nutrition
  • Make your own nut butters & nut milk
  • Cook steaming hot soups, sauces & gravies
  • Make homemade ice cream with frozen fruit in 30 seconds
  • Blend salad dressings, smoothies baby food and more
  • Chop coarse or fine. Great for cheese, onions, carrots, salsas and dips
  • .... all in your BPA Free 2 litre wet jug

The Vitamix 5200 Total Nutrition Center is one of the most versatile and powerful blenders on the market today. Not only will you see a Vitamix Blender in many home kitchens, but you'll find them in commercial kitchens and professional smoothie bars too.

What sets the Vitamix apart from your average blender is the sheer power of the motor & the variable speed control. Combined with a BPA Free shatterproof 2 litre container and stainless steel blades, you can pulverise ice and nuts in just a few seconds. The jug has graded measurements and you can add ingredients while you're blending through a generous hole in the lid, which doubles as a tamper hole (the tamper, to help you push down ingredients is included in the package).

The Standard Package includes

  • Heavy Duty Base Motor (in your colour choice) with 11 speed variable controls
  • The 2 litre BPA Free Tritan Copolyester wet jug (pictured) including the stainless steel wet blade set and vented rubber lid with copolyester removable cap
  • Tamper tool for pushing down food during the blending process.
  • Vitamix Recipes Cook Book and 'let's get started' guide
  • Vitamix Let's Get Started DVD
  • Vitamix 7 Year Warranty

If you break or lose something, or just love to have spares or an extra jug, you can get just about any replacement piece you need.

Optional accessories available for purchase (please ask for details)

  • Replacement 2 litre wet jug with lid (without blades)
  • Replacement 2 litre wet jug with lid and blades
  • Smaller 0.9L wet jug with lid and blades
  • 0.9L Dry Jug with lid and blades
  • 2 litre jug tamper
  • 0.9L jug tamper
  • Blade removal tool
  • Replacement lid
  • Replacement bade assembly (wet or dry jug options available)

Dimensions: 20cm wide x 22cm deep x 51cm tall (with 2 litre jug in place, no tamper)

For further technical specs and lots of videos, take a look at the Official Vitamix Website.

Here's a couple of videos from our favourite Aussie Vitamix Ambassador, Teresa Cutter.

Pumpkin Soup in 5 minutes

Hide vegies in the popular spag bol

Walnut Pesto

Washing up the Vitamix is a breeze!

This is a Special Order item. The blenders are not kept in our warehouse, but are shipped to you directly from the distributor. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. All Vitamix blenders are shipped free within Australia.

Why we chose this brand

We researched and investigated several blenders before choosing this one. Why was it the winner? The sheer power means it's capable of grinding up nuts in to butter, crushing ice in seconds, cooking soup and all manner of other food. It makes quick work of plenty of tasks other blenders just aren't cut out for.

Have we all see the Blendtec videos on the internet where a crazy guy in a lab coat puts things like golf balls and iPhones in and blends them up? The Vitamix blends just as well as this one. We've read loads of reviews. (Blendtec is not available in Australia or we would have taken a look at it).



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