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Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Powder / Fossil Shell Flour - 250g

Organic diatomaceous earth / fossil shell flour, promoted as a gut healing powder but also with natural pest control uses.

Regular Price: $17.95

Special Price $11.95


Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Powder is 100% organic diatomaceous earth (also called fossil shell flour). The information provided by Supercharged Food talks about the powder being able to clean out the accumulated build up of waste, toxins, metals and mucous in the digestive tract.

We spoke to our own naturopath about this before deciding whether it was a good fit for our store. The powder has the capacity to help flush toxins from the gut, but it also has the capacity to stir up your digestive system, so we advice caution and suggest this is taken after the advice of a qualified health care professional. If you choose to take it without consultation, please only take this product short term and consult with a medical professional immediately if you feel unwell.

What we're excited about though is the inclusion of fossil shell flour in our store for natural pest control. Fossil Shell Flour is comprised of around 84% silica and when ground up, has jagged edges. In the gut, it will 'scrub' your insides. Used in pest control, the sharp edges cut through the shells of bed bugs, fleas and more which kills them.

You can sprinkle it around pet bedding, through pet hair for fleas and more. If you have bed bugs, get 4 dishes, one for each leg of your bed, and put the flour in them. Any bugs that crawl up or down will eat the flour and meet their end.

Sprinkle it in your garden to reduce pests and add silica to the soil. It can help control slugs and snails and is safe for earthworms as they can digest it. You can even sprinkle it in kitty litter to reduce the odour in your home.

CAUTION: this is a fine abrasive powder. Be sure not to inhale the dust while using. It is best to use a dust mask if you're going to sprinkle it around.

Size - 250g

Ingredients - Naturopathic grade organic fossil shell flour

Product Origin - tba

Conditions to treat Please consult a medical professional
Suitable for Please consult a medical professional
Recommended dosage Adults, up to 1 tablespoon per day. Please start off with a much smaller dose and monitor the effects. Cease use immediately and consult a medical professional if you feel unwell after taking it.
How to take Stir in to a liquid. Fossil shell flour does not dissolve and you will need to keep stirring to get it all down.
Allergen advice Contains 100% fossil shell flour only
Ethical advice  
Organic Status Contains organic ingredients (not certified organic)
Warnings This product has the capacity to cause upset to your digestive system. Please start with small doses. We prefer this be taken in consultation with a private medical consultation and not for any extended period of time without medical advice. The powder is fine and should not be inhaled when using for pest control.
Disclaimer All information on health products on our site is a general guide only and does not constitute medical advice. Information has been provided through the manufacturers and was correct at the time of publication. We urge you to seek medical advice from a registered doctor or natural health practitioner if you have any questions regarding this product.




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