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Queen B Hand Rolled Honeycomb Pillar Beeswax Candle - 15cm narrow (50 hrs burn)

100% Pure Australian Beeswax, the only pure & natural candle available. Burns slowly, drip free with gentle honey aroma.


  • 100% pure beeswax
  • Burn drip free & smokeless in draft free environment
  • Burn up to 10x slower than soy or paraffin candles
  • Natural air ioniser
  • Carbon neutral
  • Hand made in Australia using only Australian beeswax

These Queen B hand rolled candles feature a honeycomb 3D design on the outside. They are best burned for a minimum of 2-3 hours at a time and longer where possible. When you do this, the candle will burn down evenly and form a lovely 'hurricane lamp' effect as you go down as the outer layers melt slower than the inner layers.

In a draft free spot, it will burn drip free sitting on a heat-proof plate or is perfect inside a hurricane jar or lamp. It will emit a gentle honey aroma and help ionise the air as it burns. When burning in a hurricane jar, ensure the jar is not too small for the candle as additional heat inside the jar may cause your candle to burn quicker.

If burnt inside, the outer layer stays put through the the majority of the burning process, creating a stunning lantern effect as the candle burns. If burnt where there's a breeze, the outer layer may melt. Queen B have gone to great lengths to source a safe Australian beewax for these candles that have been tested for a slower burn time than others on the market.

Size - 15cm high x 5.5cm diameter

Burn Time - 50 hours*

Made from - 100% pure beeswax with cotton wick & presented with eco-friendly minimal packaging (cardboard wrap).

Care & Use - Trim the wick to 5-7mm with scissors (or us a dedicated candle wick trimmer) prior to lighting and during the burn to get a longer burn time. Overly long wicks burn candles quicker. NEVER leave a lit candle unattended. Always burn on a fireproof and heat safe surface.

* Burn time may vary depending on several factors (but not limited to) - whether the wick is trimmed, whether the candle is in a draft free area, whether the candle is being burnt in an appropriately sized hurricane bowl or lamp (lamps that are too small provide too much heat and the candle can burn quicker).

The quality and integrity of Queen B candles is second to none, which is why it's the only brand we stock and the only brand we use ourselves (see below for our own personal review). Pure beeswax candles are the only pure and non-toxic candle to burn in the home.

Paraffin is a toxic petrochemical by-product that arrived at the candle factory with a safety sheet advising the use of goggles, mask and gloves. It's then dyed & fragranced (usually with synthetic fragrance) and when you burn it in your home, these synthetic fragrances and petrochemical remnants are in the air you're breathing.

Soy & palm candles all start out as an oil and are then chemically bleached and hydrogenated with nickel to turn in to a wax. There's nothing 'natural' about a soy candle or a palm oil candle either.

Beeswax candles, on first appearance, are dearer than paraffin or soy, but they burn a lot slower, and are more economical and better for your health and the environment. The WWF have chosen Queen B as their candle of choice when celebrating Earth Hour. The only ingredient in the wax for a Queen B Beeswax candle is beeswax!

Beeswax candles emit a natural, light honey aroma when burning. They are not artificially scented, but you can use the tealights in an oil burner and use natural essential oils for any aroma you require. By choosing a beeswax candle, you're supporting Aussie beekeepers.

Fun facts:- to produce 1 kilo of beeswax, female worker bees eat 10kg of honey, fly 530,000km by visiting 70 million flower blossoms. Bees are responsible for pollinating around 1/3 of the food we eat and our plants & trees in the forest.



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