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Kuvings Whole Fruit Silent Juicer B6000 (cold press) - white

Juices whole fruit using the cold press method to get the highest juice yield and nutrient content. Quiet operation, small bench top footprint & personally road-tested and recommended by us.


  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Australia
  • BPA Free Components
  • Wide Mouth (no more chopping apples, oranges & carrots)
  • Cold Press
  • Quiet Operation
  • Small Footprint on Bench (21 x 15cm)
  • Dryest pulp from any juicer we road tested
  • Easily quick rinse the bowl between juice types

The Kuvings Whole Fruit Juicer is the first and only 'big mouth' cold press juicer on the market. This cold press juicer marries the juicing quality of a cold press juicer with the convenience of a wide mouth high speed centrifrugal juicer (the juicers where the juice seperates and they sound like a plane taking off when you use them).

By comparison, the Kuvings Whole Fruit Silent Juicer has a unique internal cutting mechanism that chops the fruit & vegetables in to smaller pieces for easier juicing. No more spending precious time at the chopping board to prepare for juicing.

The cold press mechanism is a unqiue patented technology only available to Kuvings to extract more nutrients. The powerful 240W motor is a low speed motor and able to process very fibrous fruits & vegetables. The unit stays cool, quiet and stable due to the slow processing speed.

Get more juice and higher levels of nutrients froom your valuable fruit & vegies by using a quality juicer. This one produced the dryest pulp from any juicer we road tested. Any money you save buying a cheaper centrifrugal juicer will be eaten up in higher fresh produce bills. If you're using organic ingredients, it ends up a very costly exercise in wasted fruit & vegetables.

I, Joanne Musgrave, owner of Shop Naturally & Certified Health Coach, researched & road-tested many different juicer types & brands before deciding to stock the Kuvings Juicers. This whole fruit juicer really does sit at the top of the pile all on its own.

This product description is hand written by me, not copied from the manufacturers website. I have this juicer in my home and it comes with my personal recommendation. It's a life changer.
 ~ Joanne

Create fresh fruit & vegetable juice, allowing your body to absorb up to 4 times more nutrition than eating whole fruits alone. As a Health Coach, I know that nutrition is of the utmost importance in a juicer, and the cold press method is far superior than centrifrugal, providing a higher yield from your fruit and saving you money in the long run.
At 7.5cm diameter, it's 5 times wider than the average chute in a standard cold press juicer. You can feed whole apples, oranges, carrots, celery stalks and more without the need for chopping first.
A special cleaning tool (pictured) with interal brushes makes cleaning your juicer easier than most. All parts required for cleaning have easy access for cleaning and are easy to pull apart and reassemble.
With red & white dots on the outside of the machine and components, putting the juicer together is quick and simple. Pulling it apart for cleaning is just as easy. The juicer is a tall machine with a small footprint on your benchtop if you're short on space (approx 21 x 15cm)
While other juicers dribble out your juice as it's being pressed, the Kuvings Juicer collects and mixes the juice inside the juicer, while spitting out the pulp in to an external container. Collect 400ml at a time before opening the cap and releasing the juice.


Product Specs

  • Juicer Type - Vertical Low Speed Masticating (cold press)
  • Speed - 60RPM
  • Dimensions - 228 x 208 x 448mm
  • Weight - 6.7kg (machine only)
  • Capacity - 400ml before emptying
  • Maximum Use - Less than 30 minutes (domestic use only)
  • Materials - Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC (all BPA Free)

Optional Accessories Pack (puchased as an add-on pack)

  • 1 x BLANK STRAINER - for use with frozen fruit to make ice-cream
  • 1 x SMOOTHIE STRAINER - for making smoothies (with dairy & frozen fruit) or to create a juice with more fibre

Accessories Pack is bought as a set (1 BLANK STRAINER & 1 SMOOTHIE STRAINER) and can be added to your order by choosing the relevant Bundle Option.




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