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Hannahpad Washable Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad Ultra Overnight - Antique Indigo

85 to 130ml absorbency with 6 cotton layers. Certified organic internal cotton lining. No dye. No bleach.


  • Certified organic unbleached internal cotton liner
  • External TPU Water Proof Coating for peace of mind
  • Reusable for 2 to 3 years

Hannahpad are a reusable cotton sanitary pad. They are a premium quality product made with only the finest craftsmanship and materials and will last you 2 to 3 years. Ther internal top layer is made from 100% organic cotton that is unbleached and non-dyed. For many women with sensitivities, the disposable cotton pads can still be an issue. Hannahpad bridges that gap with the non-dyed and non-bleached fabric. They are ultra soft, ultra breathable and ultra comfortable.

Panty Liner and Small are sold in sets of 2. All other sizes are sold in singles. To make your own set, take advantage of our 10% discount on all Hair, Face & Body purchases over $100 and use zipPay to buy now and pay later.

Choosing the right size
Panty Liner = 3 cotton layers | 30 - 45ml absorbency | 21cm long x 18cm wide
Small = 5 cotton layers | 40 - 60ml absorbency | 21cm long x 18cm wide
Medium = 6 cotton layers | 55 - 80ml absorbency | 27cm long x 18cm wide
Large (overnight) = 6 cotton layers | 75 - 110ml absorbency | 33cm long x 18.5cm wide
Ultra Overnight = 6 cotton layers | 85 - 130ml absorbency | 36cm long x 19.5cm wide (15.7 at gusset)
Super Ultra Overnight = 7 cotton layers | 120 - 180ml absorbency | 42cm long x 19.5cm wide (18.2 at gusset) - suitable for LBL (light bladder leakage) but not heavier incontinence

How to use - Place your Hannahpad over the inside of your underwear then fold the wings over the outside and secure the snap fastener

How to wash - Rinse in cold water as soon as possible (do not use warm or hot water). Lather using any kind of soap or detergent (we love Dr Bronner's). Soak in a bucket or container for anywhere between 6 and 48 hours with a natural laundry soaker (the Abode Sensitive Laundry Soaker is the best). Hand or machine wash in cold water. Dry in the sun where possible.
Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble / machine dry.

Size - Ultra Overnight

Product Origin - South Korea


Hannahpad are a washable sanitary pad that help create a waste free menstrual cycle along with the use of menstrual cups. Various layers of unbleached and undied cotton touch the sensitive skin and an external colourful TPU Water Proof outer protects clothing and gives you peace of mind. Re-use your pads for 2 to 3 years. At the end of their life, Hannahpad are happy to take them back (cleaned) for dismantlinig and recycling / composting / disposing of thoughtfully.



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