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Erica Brooke Natural Deodorant Creme - Him & Her 70g

This product is no longer available please visit our natural deodorant category for alternatives 


  • 100% Natural
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Unisex scent - fresh, minty & uplifting
  • Personally road tested by Shop Naturally owner

The Erica Brooke Him & Her Deodorant Creme is based on a successful formula of combining the core ingredients of coconut oil, shea butter and bicarb soda along with other nourishing ingredients and essential oils to create a long lasting and hard working natural deodorant. It is also enriched with Vitamin E

This deodorant is handmade in Australia using a combination of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. It has no chemical preservatives, it's aluminium free, alcohol free and paraben free. The paste is invisible after application and does not stain clothes.

The essential oil scent lingers on your body for the majority of the day. Once the scent is gone, the deodorant is still working hard and you don't smell like sweat. The creme still allows you to sweat (which is healthy) but doesn't allow odour to form as a result of bacteria growth under your armpits.

We had several customers and staff (who all use one of the three leading brands in our store already) to road test this one. All came back with testimonials that it either matched our out performed their current deodorant.

Testimonial from Holistic Health Coach Renee Bell
"I have tried many organic/ natural deodorants over the last year and unfortunately they just don't work for me... I end up stinking by just after lunch which is not nice! This one by Erica Brooke passes the armpit test for me, and I love that it is only lightly fragranced which keeps my sensitive nose happy! Definitely a winner for me!"

How to use - Grab a small amount of the deodorant creme and rub under the arms. Only put clean fingers inside the jar and keep out of direct sunlight. As with all natural deodorants, if you suffer from sensitive skin after shaving, we recommend you shave the night before to allow your skin some time to settle before applying any natural deodorant with essential oils. A very small number of customers may experience skin irritation from the bicarb soda. For those who think this may be an issue, please patch test first.

As of February 2017 you will notice a slight colour variation to a darker creamy beige. Erica Brooke have upgraded to a beautiful Fair Trade, Certified Organic Shea Butter without passing on a price difference (another reason to love Erica Brooke), so not only is this an amazing product, you can be sure it is ethically sourced.

Size - 65g (a small number of jars are marked 60g, they contain 65g)

Product Origin - Australia



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