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Eden Health Foods Steam Activated Charcoal Powder - 300g

Medicinal quality, neutral pH with enhanced drawing capacity.

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This medicinal quality charcoal has a neutral pH level and is not only steam activated like food grade charcoal powder, it also undergoes a purification process which further enhances its drawing capacity.

Activated charcoal is pure carbon with millions of tiny micropores with a large surface area. Just one gram (half a teaspoon) has a surface area of 3,000m2. Because of this, charcoal is successfully used to absorb and bond to all types of organic materal and is still one of the most effective drawing substances on the market. It is used in water filters, to treat acute poisoning in hospitals around the world and as an emergency decontaminant.

Activated charcoal is capable of binding with many industrial toxins, medical drugs and inorganic chemicals and has applications for use in skin care and other personal care products, including teeth whitening, as well as being used internally to remove toxins from the body (which we always recommend you do in conjunction with a trained professional).

When using on the skin as a poutice, mix enough powder with water to make a paste and place on the affected area. Remove when dry and do not re-use.

Size - 300g (150 x 2g serves)

Ingredients - 100% Natural Medicinal and Steam Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Powder

Product Origin - Australia

Conditions to treat Please seek professional advice before using activated charcoal internally to treat any health conditions. Do not take while on medication without advice from your doctor as the charcoal has the capacity to absorb your medication.
Suitable for Please consult with a professional before using with children.
Recommended dosage 1 heaped teaspoon (2g)
How to take Take in a half glass of water and then follow with 1 glass of water
Allergen advice This is pure carbon.
Ethical advice Vegan
Organic Status NA
Warnings Do not take charcoal while taking medication prescribed by a doctor or any complimentary medicines, superfoods and herbal supplements. The charcoal will bind with them and render them useless. Activated charcoal is binding and should not be taken by those suffering from severe bowel restriction. Please seek medical advice before taking activated charcoal internally.
Disclaimer All information on health products on our site is a general guide only and does not constitute medical advice. Information has been provided through the manufacturers and was correct at the time of publication. We urge you to seek medical advice from a registered doctor or natural health practitioner if you have any questions regarding this product.




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