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Change Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets - 2 Sizes

Deep clean your reusable water bottle. Remove built up stains & odour. Suits glass, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic bottles. Also suits stainless steel cookware.

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Australian Owned


Change water bottle cleaning tablets provide a deep clean into your reusable water bottle by removing stains and odours. These cleaning tablets can be used for glass, metal, ceramic and plastic water bottles. Quickly dissolves and removes odours with the power of effervescent technology. Kills germs and bacteria.

The best cleaning solution for your reusable drink bottle, coffee cup and protein shaker.

SIZE - 2 Sizes

HOW TO USE - Fill up your favourite glass, coffee mug or reusable drink bottle with warm/hot water and drop in a water bottle tablet. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes and allow for tablet to completely dissolve. Rinse thoroughly after clean. For best results use very hot water. Can also be used on stainless steel cookware. Be sure to test a small area before use. 

ABOUT THE PACKAGING - Change uses recycled paper packaging for all outer packaging. There is a small amount of plastic in the tablet packet linings. You can separate this from the outer paper layer in the tablet linings and recycle it with your scrunchy plastics through RedCycle. By law, the product has to be sealed with a small sticker which cannot be recycled. The rest of the packaging is paper or the reusable spray bottle in the starter packs to keep single use waste to an absolute minimum


Zeolite (<20%), Lauryl glutamate (<20%), TAED (<10%), Alkaline salts (<10%), PEG 150 (<10%), Sodium Sulfate (<5%)

Please note: this product has a combination of natural and lab derived ingredients. At Shop Naturally, the safety of an ingredient is more important than its lab derived origin if it is in a formula to increase performance or for an eco-friendly purpose. We have reviewed independent lab safety tests and performance tests on all products in the Change range and are confident in their safety. Change is preventing repeat plastic bottles and the shipping around of water you can get out of a tap. The performance of the product just wasn’t possible using 100% natural ingredients, and at the end of the day, the product has to work to be effective.

Please feel free to ask us any questions and we do understand if this product isn’t right for you.


Change reduces the amount of single use plastic in your every day cleaning with one quality spray bottle and tablets that are dissolved in to water from your own tap. Say goodbye to paying for shipping around water and Change the way you clean. From the founder of Cheeki.

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