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Broth of Life Organic Chicken Broth Salt - 100g

Tastes just like chicken salt with nothing artificial. It's our popular dehydrated chicken broth ground with himalayn rock salt. Divine.


  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Homemade in Australia
  • Our famous chicken broth with himalyan salt

Chicken salt is one of those thinigs that so many people love, but it's impossible to find a healthy version ..... until now.

Broth Of Life have combined their dehydrated chicken bone broth with himalayan salt to great the ultimate chicken salt. There's absolutely no fillers, chemicals, preservatives, additives or MSG. Use this chicken salt on hot chips, roasted sweet potato or anywhere you want to add a flavour boost to your food.

The broth is made with carefully hand selected organic ingredients, including certified organicfree range chicken bones, the broth is simmered for a minimum of 24 hours to extract the maximum amount of nutrition from the bones.

Bone broth is known for helping to heal leaky gut and joint pain. It's rich in gelatin, vitamins and minerals. You can rehydrate with hot water and sip as a broth or use it to make soup or as flavouring in meals.

This salt now comes in non-plastic packaging. We will update the photos soon.

Size - 100g

How to use - Sprinkle on food as a seasoning.

Product Origin - Australia


INGREDIENTS - himalayan rock salt, dehydrated chicken broth (filtered water, organic free range chicken bones, organic celery, organic carrot, organic onion, organic garlic, himalayan rock salt, organic pepper, organic apple cider vinegar).

  per 100g
Energy na
Protein na
Fat, Total na
- Saturated na
Carbohydrates na
- Sugars na
Sodium na


This Australian company were the first to make organic, dehydrated bone broth for the Australian market. It does not require refrigeration, making it ideal to travel with. The powdered broth is available in chicken, beef and also FODMAP versions for those who need to follow the FODMAP regime to help restore gut health. Make clear broth, transport easily or sprinkle on food for flavouring. Add to salt to make your own natural chicken or beef salt. For the cleanest taste, use filtered water to rehydrate your broth. If you don't own a decent water filter, we have a water filter jug to suit most budgets.


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