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BioBag Compostable Zip Lock Food Snack Bags (20 bags)

Certified compostable zip lock food snack bags

In Stock

Regular Price: $6.95

Special Price $5.56

Australian Owned
Plastic Free


  • Certified compostable
  • Breathable
  • GMO free & Palm Oil Free

BioBag are known predominantly for their compostable garbage bag / bin liner made from corn starch. They are made from corn starch and can be put in to your compost bin, breaking down in to plant food like the rest of your food scraps and compostable materials. They have around a 2 year shelf life before they start to degrade in normal conditions, but we do recommend you use them within 12 months of purchase to allow for some wiggle room between manufacturing, storage at the supplier and the short time they live on our shelves.

They also make a replacement for the traditional plastic zip lock food storage bags, out of the same breathable corn starch based materials. A unique product, they are breathable and will keep your food fresher for longer than a leakproof plastic bag.

Because the bags are breathable, any bag you use for either compost or rubbish will allow the contents to start to dry out. This is particularly important for compost scraps so they don't stay wet or go mouldy and it stops the anaerobic decomposition process from occuring (which can produce methane gas). By allowing to dry it out, if you're using this for council compost, by the time the council get to transporting it, it will weigh around 20% less.  Breathable bags also keep food fresher for longer, so we will be doing some in-house testing to see if these bags are suitable for extending the life of fresh produce.

Ini the compost environment, they break down like any other food scraps in a matter of weeks. In landfill, they will still break down anaerobially. These are NOT a plastic bag. They are also NOT those 'sneaky' degradable bags that simply break down in to smaller pieces of plastic. They are 100% home compostable as they can biodegrade at the temperature of a home composting bin. If BioBag is accidentally litter and end up in waterways or the ocean or along the side of the road, they will break down over a period of a few months.

BioBag have been certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001as well as European Standard EN 13432, US Standard D6400 and Australian Standard AS4736. They also hold certifications with AIB Vincotte (OK Compost), DIN Certco, BPI (USA) and other organisations such as GMO-Free.

VOLUME - 1.5 litres

MEASUREMENTS - 17.8cm x 22.1cm

BAGS PER BOX - 20 bags


Biodegradable and compostable garbage bags and bin liners made from corn that's not even good enough quality for animal feed. Biobag is the Plastic Free alternative to garbage bags.



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