Your natural beauty guide to travelling light

While there may be a 'product for everything', there are times when you want to keep your natural beauty regime as simple as possible. Whether you're going on holidays for 2 weeks, jumping on a plane for an overnight flight with only hand luggage, or you're sleeping over at a friends house, sometimes you literally just want to grab a couple of essentials and be on your way without packing a whole beauty bag. Here's some of my favourite products for travelling light.


My first item on the list is not a multi-tasker, but when you're doing a minimalist makeup routine, a natural mascara is small and compact and easily packed anywhere. It's not liquid so it doesn't count in your carry on luggage. Our favourite and absolute bestseller is the Natural Almond Oil Mascara from Ere Perez. It's smudgeproof and suitable for people with sensitive eyes. It is enriched with almond oil, beeswax and essential oils. There's just something about well defined lashes and a lick of lipstick that can set off any simple natural makeup routine and you can apply it in a dirty mirror at a petrol station toilet if you have to!


A bit of colour on the lips and the cheeks can always be done with the same product. This one from Ere Perez is a glossy beetroot tint that comes in a small roller ball. I'm not 100% sure whether this one is going to count as liquid in your carry on luggage, but I'm guessing you'll get away with it. It's only 10ml anyway. Already have a favourite shade of organic lipstick? As long as it's a red, pink or a neutral, chances are it can double nicely for your cheek and lips and you don't need to make a new purchase here.


We're going to do quite a few things with this one. Use Jojoba Oil as your daily and nightly facial moisturiser. Emulsify it in some water and it's a face cleaner and eye makeup remover. Tame frizzy hair by rubbing a little Jojoba Oil in to your hands and scrunch it through the top layers of your hair. Dry elbows? Cracked lips? Dry legs and arms? While it might feel a little wasteful to use Jojoba Oil over your body, you're only away for one night. You could always trade this for a small pot of coconut oil (we do the Coconut Magic in a 25ml pot), but some people find coconut oil too greasy for the face, so my first pick is always Jojoba.


You're going to think I'm a little bit crazy here, but hear me out. If you're travelling somewhere unknown, eating on the run and have no idea where you can wash your hands next, popping in some kind of natural hand sanitiser is a good idea. I'm not a fan of the whole "sterilise everything" routine, for me, this is a "sometimes" product, reserved for those times where you can't wash your hands but you're about to dive in to some takeaway. In a pinch, you can spray some on stinky pits if you feel like your natural deodorant isn't quite cutting it on a frantic day, or you're doing an unplanned overnighter or a shower after some exercise and you have no deodorant with you. It's not my first pick for my pits, but it will certainly get you out of trouble. Be sure to pick a scent you like when you're carrying around a natural hand sanitiser.


There's no need to carry liquid with you to wash your hair when you're travelling. Beauty & The Bees have a stunning range of shampoo bars. If you're in a pinch, there's nothing stopping you using it as soap either. After all, this post is all about travelling light. Visit the natural shampoo aisle of the store to find out which shampoo bar is best for your hair type, but the Beer Shampoo is by far the most popular.

So, in 5 simple products that fit in the palm of my hand, we have a basic lick of colour for your natural makeup covered (cheeks, lips, eyes) - your cleanser, moisturiser, body lotion, a slick of oil to condition or tame your hair in a bind, a way to keep your hands clean on the run and fix up stinky pits. Sure, you probably want to travel with more than that, but you can toss these in your handbag without overloading your airline liquid capacity for carry-on luggage, which is 100ml.


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