Sylk Lubricant Available Again in 2018


After many many months without Sylk Lubricant on the shelf (it was taken off the market for a period of time), we are pleased to announce that it is back on our shelves. There is no formula change, but we can now confirm that the vegetable glycerin is free from any palm oil derivatives.

When it was gone, we sourced alternatives that were just as safe to use and weres also suited to the sensitivity of the skin and the pH balance of a woman's vagina, which is extremely important for everyone, but in particular for those suffering from UTI's, PCOS, menopause and countless other issues.

Personal lubricant can be used for all manner of things. For some women, it is needed to insert organic tampons or a menstrual cup, for others, it's needed when having sex with condoms, for some, especially those close to or going through menopause, a good quality lubricant is required as a necessity for any sexual contact. They can even be used to stop chafing during exercise.

YES Lubricant is the first brand we introduced to replace Sylk. It is made from 96% organic ingredients and as a water based lubricant, it's condom, menstrual cup and toy safe. It is pH matched to the body and has no smell or taste.

No matter who you are and what you’re up to, by choosing YES Lubricant, you can be certain that you’re using one of the safest and natural products on the market. Organic skin care just isn’t for the delicate skin around the eyes and on the face, YES Lubricant is made from 96% organic ingredients and is certified in the UK where it is manufactured.

It is made from Water, Aloe Vera*, Flax Extract*, Guar Gum*, Locust Bean Gum*, Xantham Gum, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate. Those ingredients marked with * are organic ingredients. This blend is free from all fragrance and essential oils.

It comes out of the tube a little runnier than other lubricants, but just needs a moment in the air to thicken to the perfect consistency. It is the only organic lubricant we've been able to find that's made in larger tubes. Purchase as a 50ml, 100ml or 150ml tube. You can even buy a factory packed sample sachet to sample or to discreetly carry in your purse with a condom. YES also make a pH balanced intimate wash.


Lariese is new to our store in October 2017. It is also a pH balanced, water based certified organic option. It is made right here in Australia with a slightly higher price point and is a closer match in consistency to the Sylk Lubricant than the YES is. It is also safe to use with toys, condoms and menstrual cups. While it is manufactured in scented varieties, after speaking with our customers we have decided to stick with the fragrance free version for now. Lariese also have a quality range of hemp products including hemp seeds which will be making their way on to our shelves.

Hannahpad - an organic cotton, unbleached, washable sanitary pad to not only save the planet from a mountain of disposables but also save you money over their life. Available in 6 different flow rates and lots of beautiful colours. Buy singles or save 15% off when you buy our pre-packed sets.

Lunette - a tampon alternative, made from silicone, these menstrual cups are the most budget friendly menustrual option in store. They are available in 2 flows.

AVA by Downunder - Australian made and designed, this personal massager is like no other on the market, with far superior intensity than previous products we've sold. USB powered, there's no batteries to dispose of and AVA's cover is completely removable and made from the same 100% silicone that your menstrual cup is.


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