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How to wrap a muffin in a beeswax food wrap

When you're packing a lunch bag, there isn't always room for large pieces of fruit or a muffin inside your lunch box, especially if it's a stainless steel lunch box as most of them aren't very tall. Not everything that gets packed inside your insulated lunch bag has to go inside your lunch box. You still don't want things to get squashed or damaged though.

While we were playing with our new beeswax food wraps, we discovered that if you fold them the right way, they offer some added protection. In this series of photos, you'll see how to wrap a muffin (or a cupcake) or anything of a similar shape to offer it a bit of added protection in your lunch bag.


Lay your muffin out flat on a LARGE sized beeswax food wrap. It's the same size you would use to wrap a sandwich and place the muffin roughly in the middle of the wrap.


Grab the top left and bottom left corners and bring them together. Pinch the edge together to form a seal. The beeswax starts to melt under the warmth of your fingers, so just keep playing with it for a few seconds. At this stage, there will be a significant amount of space between the top of your muffin and the seal you just created. This is fine.


This next image may look the same as the first one at a glance. If you look closely, what we have done in this step is to take that edge we just pressed together and folded it over again to make a firmer seal. Along that edge now, we have 4 layers of fabric coated in beeswax which provides you with some added 'squish' protection if it bumps up against something else in your lunch bag.


With the main seal in place now, bring the top right corner down and pinch it in to place, folding where you find it appropriate.


Pull the last corner in and pinch and fold the edges. In this photo, you can see nice strong, multiple fold seals along the left and smaller folds on the last pinch seals on the right. There is a reasonable amount of height and folded fabric at the top of the muffin to protect it if it rolls around in your lunch bag. Pinch and seal the edges well. When they are sealed well, they are waterproof, so if there's condensation from an ice pack or you put water bottles in the fridge first in your house and there's condensation on the outside, it's not going to make your muffin soggy. So there's no need to wrap them plastic to protect them from water.

Here is our muffin wrapped up next to an apple that has been segmented and wrapped back in it's shape. You will notice that wrapped the apple flat (pictured right) because it's already hard and not easily damaged, but when we rapped the muffin, ridges were kept in place to offer some added protection.

Pop these in to your lunch bag and they're protected from any condensation from this Camelbak water bottle. It is always best to place your water bottle on the bottom of your lunch bag and the other items on top. While the way we have wrapped the muffin will offer some added protection from being squished. If it has 700ml of water on top of it and it's being thrown around and shaken about, you will still see a little damages, stack wisely and this wrapping will allow you to enjoy your muffin in one piece.

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