Woohoo Body now 100% plastic free packaging

Watching the evolution in the brands we stock and the length that brands are adapting to create both plastic free and minimal packaging is a beautiful evolution that has really taken hold in the last 2-3 years, but the last 12 months in particular. When Woohoo Deodorant first came on to the market in 2015, it came in a 70g plastic jar sitting inside a box with a plastic spatula. Deodorant pastes were still pretty new, and the concept of plastic free packaging being a deal breaker did not exist.

When Woohoo saw the demand for a natural deodorant to be plastic free, they introduced a 40g tin in to the range and then eventually a 60g cardboard tube. For quite some time, the 70g original tub stayed in the range. For a while, they switched to more eco-friendly options (because of the evolution of plant based plastics) but mid 2020 saw the retirement of the plastic tub you see above and the original 40g and replaced it with a new 60g tin.

Three Plastic Free Packaging Options

  1. The NEW 60g Tin
  2. The 60g Cardboard Tube
  3. The 10g Mini Tin

Mini tins are about the size of a typical lip balm tin and are perfect for test driving or travelling (when we're allowed to do that again!).

Three Strengths ~ 4 Scents

There are three core strengths available in the range, depending on your needs.

  1. Regular Strength is available in the Urban (red tin) and Surf (blue tin) options. Both use bi-carb, but it's a very clever formula and we have found many people who normally react to bi-carb in deodorant be ok with this one
  2. Extra Strength is available in the Wild option (green tin). It has more bi-carb in it than the regular. We only suggest you try this one if you use a regular strength and it's just not quite enough. You may even find it's only needed in summer or on the weekends when you're super active
  3. Bi-Carb Free is Mellow (yellow tin) and is 100% bi-carb free for those with sensitive skin. It is powered with magnesium and activated charcoal

Got sensitive pits or a sensitive nose?

One of the deodorants is free from the use of any essential oils and none of them have particularly strong smells. Mellow just has no added scent at all, and Surf has a stronger coconut aroma than any essential oil. If you're sensitive in any area, whether it's your skin or your nose, we urge you to try 10g jars first to see which Woohoo suits you the best before stepping up to the full size.


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