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What's different about KIND-LY Natural Deodorant

It seems that every month there's a new natural deodorant on the market. Several years ago, Fresca Naturals were pioneers in this country and then Black Chicken Remedies came along and started the natural deodorant paste cult following that they still have to this day. Many have copied and been inspired by both of these, but KINDY-LY have stepped outside the square a little with something added in to the deodorant for extra protection.

KIND-LY is 100% natural which is nothing new in our store. They all are.

KIND-LY is Certified Cruelty Free through PETA. We don't allow animal testing on anything in our store, but some brands do take that extra step for the certification.

KIND-LY is Vegan. There are pastes on the market that contain beeswax, but not many. This is one of many vegan deodorant brands in our store.

KIND-LY uses only Pure Essential Oils for scent which again is nothing new here. These are all things we expect and demand from a natural deodorant or any of our body care products.

KIND-LY uses Bi-Carb Soda and Magnesium Hydroxide for odour control which again, is fairly standard. Most will use one or the other, but a couple of other brands have used this combination before.

What makes KIND-LY Natural Deodorant different ....... is their use of probiotics. Now that I see it in action, I don't know why it wasn't done earlier. It's a brilliant idea. The thing that makes you smell funky isn't your 'sweat' as such, it's the bacteria that forms after a period of time. Just like in the gut, there's good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics are good bacteria. When they are added to a natural deodorant formula, the probiotics will take over the bad bacteria and help the other active ingredients in the deodorant negate odour.

The powerful combination of essential oils, bi-carb, magnesium and probiotics make this a very hard working deodorant and worth a look.

Making the transition to natural deodorant? If so, they also have an ArmPit Detox worth taking a look at. We'll write more about the benefits of doing an armpit detox in another post.

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