Weleda Baby Teething Powder Product Recall April 2019

As of 29th April 2019, there has been a recall of specific batch numbers of the Weleda Baby Teething Powder. It is the 60g jar (the only size available) in the following batch numbers.

I8MP04 Sep-23; I8MP05 Sep-23; I8MP06 Sep-23; I8MP07 Sep-23;
J8MP03 Oct-23; J8MP04 Oct-23; J8MP05 Oct-23; J8MP06 Oct-23;
K8MP01 Nov-23; K8MP02 Nov-23; K8MP03 Nov-23; K8MP04 Nov-23;
K8MP06 Nov-23; K8MP07 Nov-23; K8MP08 Nov-23; L8MP03 Dec-23;
L8MP04 Dec-23; L8MP05 Dec-23; L8MP06 Dec-23; A9MP02 Jan-24;
A9MP03 Jan-24; A9MP04 Jan-24; A9MP05 Jan-24; B9MP02 Feb-24;
B9MP03 Feb-24; B9MP04 Feb-24; B9MP05 Feb-24; B9MP10 Feb-24

Weleda have consulted with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the batches are being recalled for reasons to do with the packaging, not the contents of the bottle. As the lid is opened for the first time, a small, thread like soft sliver of plastic (up to 1cm in length and less than 1mm wide) may peel off the lid and drop in to the powder.

The recall is only for the batches listed above as a potential choking hazard. There have been no reported incidents of any baby choking. There is no chemical or microbiological health risk. This is a precautionary measure only.

If you have a bottle from the affected batch

If you made your Weleda purchase with us, please contact us for a full refund. If you purchased it elsewhere, please contact the place you purchased from or you can contact Weleda Australia directly on 1300 554 454

Please stop using the product immediately if you have a bottle from the affected batch. While you may choose to sift throught he powder and continue to use it, Weleda are asking that you err on the side of caution and to discontinue use.

Where do I find the batch number?

If your product is still in the box, you will find both the batch number and expiry date on the bottom of the box. You will also find them printed on the label at the end that wraps around the jar.

How did this happen? Do we still trust Weleda?

This product is manufacturered in a GMP accredited facility in New Zealand. It gets regularly audited. The jars and caps are supplied by a GMP qualified supplier under quality standards. During a routine quality control, the issue was discovered and for the safety of the public and to protect the excellent reputation Weleda has in the marketplace, they took action and recalled the batches in question.

The quick action in removing the items from sale when the issue with the packaging was discovered gives us the utmost trust and respect for Weleda. We were notified in advance of the official release of the recall and removed all stock from the shelves days ago while we waited for the official TGA approved recall.

When will this product be available for sale again?

We don't have a firm date as yet. Weleda are working with their packaging supplier for new caps and jars and they will not release the product back for sale until such time as they pass all safety standards and quality control checks.

For the complete set of information about the recall, CLICK HERE

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