Weekly Wrap Up 2nd November 2018

Prince Charles ahead of his time

This article explains that Prince Charles was talking about the dangers of plastic 40 years ago. When he spoke up, he was dismissed as out of touch and against science. We have experienced similar things here in the store where we have introduced a product before its time. Around 7-8 years ago now, Onya brought out their first reusable produce bags. They were called Onya Weigh. We sold a handful and then they just sat stagnant on the shelf and we ended up removing them. Now, they arrive in the warehouse hundreds at a time and walk out just as quickly. The product and the design has not changed, but the marketplace and peoples desire to stop wasting single use plastic certainly has.

In Australia, the topic of waste has certainly hit critical mass, and we have the #waronwaste series on the ABC last year to thank for it. We have seen a massive shift in shopping trends and what people feel comfortable carrying around. A few years ago, I would carry a water bottle with me to the shops and would not see anyone else carrying one around. Now it's commonplace to see people carrying a stainless steel water bottle as they stroll around the shops. Same thing for reusable coffee cups. To see someone handing one over at a café was rare. Now you can get a discount for doing it. It makes me hopeful for what the next few years will bring.

Weleda range expands

This one has been delayed a lot longer than we had liked, but we are close to having the full range from Weleda in store. The Evening Primrose skin care range is now all available, containing evening primrose oil for aging skin. We will give you an in-depth look at each skin care range from Weleda when they are all on - their ingredients and formulas are based around what skin needs at specific ages in your life. Our 15% off the whole range will continue through until the end of November and our discount on Weleda Skin Food will be permanent.

Christmas Cosmetic & Skin Care Packs arriving next week

If you are looking to pamper a friend or family member with something safe and beautiful from our natural skin care range, coming next week will be a range of packs from our beauty aisle, including new brand Vanessa Megan that we haven't had in store for around 6 years now. Their Essential Blend perfume and candle pack are sure to be a popular choice.

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