Weekly Wrap Up 26th October 2018

New for our essential oils category

This week has seen some new aromatherapy additions, and we're supporting brands created in Australia with their essential oils and their accessories this week.

Timber Storage Boxes

While we have plenty of options in the aroma diffuser category (and more this week - see below), it's a brand new category we're launching with the brand Aromamatic this week with the addition of two timber essential oils storage boxes to our range. Available in a 15 slot and 30 slot box, they are made with pine and a simple and budget friendly start to your storage needs. The dividers are removable, either completely or just partially, allowing you to store longer roller balls or other items that may not traditionally fit in the small slot allowed for the average 9ml to 15ml pure essential oils bottles from virtually all brands. (15 slot box pictured below with two dividers removed).

New diffusers from Lively Living

Five new styles of aroma diffuser have now entered the store this month from Lively Living. The Aroma Aquila is a visual spectactular, as is the ceramic covered Sky when you use the light feature in a dark room. My new favourite diffuser however is the Aroma Elm. It looks plan and simple, but it's the first one in the Lively Living range to have a timer built in and it has a 300ml tank, allowing it to run up to 20 hours on low mist. It throws the mist a further distance than the rest of the range too and I will be taking one of these home for myself very soon.

The newest blends and nasalettes from Black Chicken Remedies

Stay tuned, the last of the essential oil blends and nasalettes from Black Chicken Remedies arrived in the warehouse this week and they will be added to the store in the next few days.

Hannahpad sets get a makeover

Purely from a logistics standpoint, we were struggling to keep all the sets from Hannahpad on the shelf. They were taking up considerable space and the designs were chosen by our staff at random as the sets were made. We have changed the system now and you can make your own set, 365 days of the year, with whatever you want in it. Simply add $80 or more of Hannahpad to your cart and use the discount code advertised on the main Hannahpad page and you will get 15% off all the Hannahpad in your shopping cart. We are an official Hannahpad Australia stockist. Click on the image below for more details.

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