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Waste free popcorn in the large Stasher Bag

Everyone loves popcorn right? The trouble with popcorn is the artificial ingredients with pre-made, the plastic packaging with pre-made and even worse, the pre-flavoured and wasteful packaging that comes with microwave popcorn bags. Let's face it, microwave popcorn is super convenient, but terribly wasteful. There's a really easy waste free way to make popcorn in your silicone reusable stasher bag. It's best to use the Half Gallon size, but you can make small quantities in the Sandwich Size. The Half Gallon is 4x the volume.

This video gives a photography slow motion experience, but we'll give you step by step instructions below.


1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels (for the half gallon bag)
1 tablespoon olive oil
Butter / Salt / Flavourings to taste


Add the corn kernels to your Stasher Bag along with the olive oil.
Leave partially open to let steam escape.
Microwave on high for 1 minute or until popping slows. Don't let it burn.
Use oven mitt to remove bag (it will be hot).
Open (carefully) and add your flavourings.
Close & shake.


To keep that 'butter' flavour but make a vegan version, try Niulife Coconut Ghee, a vegan butter alternative.

Take 'butter & salt' one step further by using our Broth Of Life Organic Chicken Broth Salt

For a sweet dessert popcorn treat, grate up some raw chocolate (it melts really easily) and stir through as soon as it's out of the microwave. This is best done in a bowl unless you're happy to use your fingers inside the bag to get any last traces of chocolate that stick to the bag (which is half the fun really!). Anything chocolate from Loving Earth will do the trick nicely. You can even use their drinking chocolate in some melted coconut oil or melt and drizzle some Hazelnut Chocolate Butter. Make it go further by adding some extra coconut oil as you melt it.

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