VS Glass Water Bottle Comparison - Eco Vessel vs Camelbak

Next in our series of VS posts where we pitch two similar products next to each other comes from the glass water bottle category. On the surface, these two bottles look virtually the same, but they have vast differences. Once you get to the end of this blog post, you will know which one will suit you better.

Eco Vessel Flip Straw Lid Glass VS Camelbak Eddy Glass

From the front on shot above, they look pretty similar, and on the surface they are. They are a straw water bottle in the 700ml to 750ml volume and they have a silicone cover to protect them. However, the covers, the inner straws, the drinking bite valves, all very different.


The bite valves

There are some similarities and differences here. Firstly, in the open position, you can tip them both upside down and water won't spill out. On the left, the Eco Vessel lid has a valve on it so you need to suck for water to come out, in a similar way to kids sippy bottles. On the right, the Camelbak bottle has the Bite Valve that's found in their hydration packs. When you bite, the slit you see in the top of the bite valve opens and water comes out. Once you let go, it closes up.

Replacement valves?

Eco Vessel - No
Camelbak - Yes, plus you can buy then in a pack on their own or also with straws. They should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on wear & tear. Visit the Camelbak category and choose MOUTHPIECE in the filter on the left and you can see all the spares available.


Are they leakproof?

Stepping under the lids, you will see round valves that let air flow back in to the lid when you drink. Technically these lids aren't rated as 100% leakproof because of these valves, but they come pretty close. If you're going to let these roll around a gym bag, there's a small chance you'll get a little leakage, and if the top straws bump open or you get some grit in those valves, there could be an issue. If you want 100% leakproof, always go with a screw lid and test that they're on properly before you put them in a bag with something valuable.


What are the internal straws made from?

Let's step inside the bottle now to the internal straws. As with all the previous photos, the left is the Eco Vessel, the one on the right is the Camelbak. Before you keep reading, yes, they are a glass bottle with a plastic straw inside them. The one of the left is significantly thinner, it's actually made from food grade silicone and it's flexible. On the right, the Camelbak straw is as thick as a smoothie straw and is made from solid, cloudy BPA Free polypropylene. We used to be able to get glass straws for them, but the Australian Distributor stopped importing them. We will look at importing the glass straw kits directly in 2017 if we have enough interest.


It's all about that bass, 'bout that base (insert pun here)

If you have dropped and broken a glass bottle in the passed and been rather annoyed at yourself, there's some information in here that's going to be of some use to you. First, let's start off with the bad news and get it out of the way. Neither of these brands sell replacement glass. I wish they did, but they don't. If you break it, you're done. The outer silicone covers are there to provide you with some support if they tip over on their side. One bottle, however, has a DROP SHIELD BASE that will protect the 'booty' if you drop it on it's bum. Can you guess which one?

It's the Eco Vessel. This feature is unique to this bottle and we haven't seen it in another brand. The day Tommy came to visit us to demo the bottle, he held it at shoulder height and let it go with a grin on his face. I looked on in horror as I was expecting to see a glass bottle shatter all over my floor. It didn't. Tommy is a pretty tall fellow. If you drop the bottles on their side from any reasonable height and they're full, you're going to be vulnerable. Drop the Eco Vessel fair on it's bottom and you're going to have a huge amount of protection.

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