Vego Spread will be back any day now

There's nothing like anticipation and not being able to get your hands on something to make people want it! Last year we couldn't get our hands on enough Agreena Wraps when they first came in to production and we ran out of stock a few times (no issues this year). This year, Vego Spread in Australia is scarce. We had one delivery in October which sold out in just a couple of days. We had special access to a pre-delivery which was due to arrive early December, but it was delayed and is arriving any day now. We are hoping early second week of January at the latest.

What is Vego Spread?

It's a crunchy alternative to Nutella that's palm oil free, vegan and packed in glass instead of plastic. For the ethical shopper, the palm oil, dairy and plastic packaging would all pose an issue. Now, just be warned, it's still NOT a health food, it has a lot of sugar in it and should be considered a chocolately treat, not something to consume daily. If you have eaten a Vego Bar before, it tastes exactly like that, just in a spread. It still has little crunchy bits of hazelnut in it, which Nutella doesn't have as it's completely smooth.

Once our delivery arrives, we are expecting an uninterrupted supply moving forward. Most stores won't have it back again until the end of January, but we have secured a decent sized allocation and shouldn't have to limit the number of jars purchased this time. For our first batch of stock, we had to limit them to 2 jars per customer.

It's not a raw chocolate, but it is organic and fair trade. Vego Bar is available in 2 sizes, 65g and 150g and is richer than you might think. A large bar can be shared with friends or devoured over more than one sitting. Vego Spread comes in a 200g glass. It's actually not a jar, it's a glass with a drinking rim and once you're done eating the spread, you can remove the label and start collecting your set!



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