Vego Spread is finally back in stock

It was almost cruel to launch the new Vego Spread in Australia with less than 100 jars on the shelf and the promise that we'd have enough batch of stock after 4 weeks. Sadly we didn't, and we had to wait 12 weeks for it to arrive back in store again. Our first batch we had to limit to 2 jars per customer and they sold out in 2 days. Then came the BIG WAIT for stock. We were expecting a bumper batch to arrive in November but there were delays. I am pleased to announce that we have so much in the warehouse that we should never run out of it again!

What's all the fuss about?

For all those who are obsessed with Nutella but also make ethical choices a deal breaker when they shop, there are three main things that would stop people from purchasing Nutella.

  1. Nutella isn't vegan. It contains dairy, so it's not suitable for the vegan diet.
  2. Nutella isn't palm oil free. It contains sustainable palm oil. We do allow sustainable palm oil in store but we understand many consumers choose to boycott it.
  3. Nutella is packed in plastic. For some, doing your shopping zero waste and plastic free is a big vocation. For others, trying to reduce the amount of plastic used is best but not vital.

By comparison, Vego Spread is:-

  1. Vegan. This is like a vegan chocolate bar in spread form. There's no dairy in this one or any other animal derived ingredient.
  2. In place of palm oil, Vego uses sunflower oil and shea oil. There's no soy in it either.
  3. Vego does have a plastic lid, but the spread is actually packed in a glass. And I literally mean a straight up and down with a drinking rim GLASS. If you love it as much as we do, make yourself a free glass collection with the empties. It's what our customers have been doing for years with the Niugini Organics Coconut Oil instead of buying Kilner Jars which cost around half the price of the coconut oil.

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