Your Vanessa Megan Rosacea skin care regime

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes the cheeks and other parts of the skin on your face to be overly blush, flushing and appear redder than normal. Visible blood vessels are also common, as are small pus-filled bumps like mini acne. Sometimes this is just a visual concern, but heat and tenderness in the skin can also occur. In many people, there are flareups that last a certain period of time and then disappear. This can be anything from a few weeks to a few months or longer. It's more likely to occur in women over the age of 30, but it can happen to anyone. There's no definative cause or cure, but you can set up your own personalised natural skin care regime to manage the effects using products from the Vanessa Megan skin care range.

Using The Holy Trinity to treat Rosacea every day

The Holy Trinity from Vanessa Megan is a daily & nightly 2 step routine to be used every day. The set contains 3 products in a 2 step system, with 2 products being used together.

Step 1 takes the Petitgrain pH Balancing Cream Cleanser to wash away daily dirt and grime. It's gentle, pH balanced and clarifies the pores as you cleanse from the may chang essential oil in the cleanser.

Step 2 uses the combination of the Rose Hydrosol and N.E.O. (Nature's Elixir Oil). Suitable for all skin types, use 5 to 10 spritzes of the Rose Hydrosol with drops of NEO. Oily skin only needs 1 to 3 drops, normal skin 3 to 5 drops and for dry skin, you can hydrate with up to 10 drops of NEO. The Rose Hydrosol and NEO will emulsify in the palm of your hands, with the oil and water mixing together, the nutrients in NEO will absorb more readily in to your skin.

Resist the urge to add an exfoliant to the regime while you're trying to control the inflammation.

Blue Tansy for soothing and inflammation

When we ran our store Beautiful Because, a luxe USA brand May Lindstrom had a cult following for a little jar called The Blue Cocoon. At $262 for 50ml, it was a pure indulgence and popular product. Unavailable in Australia since the start of COVID in March 2020, we are pleased to see Australian brands embracing this miracle ingredient in their own blends. Enter the Blue Tansy and Cypress Anti-Redness Serum from Vanessa Megan, specifically formulated to reduce redness in your skin, with a significantly lower investment. The Blue Tansy is an essential oil known for its calming effects along with moisturising benefits. The blue colour, along with these calming and soothing effects come from the compound chamazulene found in the oil. The scent of the Blue Tansy oil provides an earthy, almost sweet yet herbaceous aroma that's not quite like anything else you have used.

What else makes the Anti-Redness Serum special?

The Blue Tansy is joined by pumpkin seed, Australian Blue Cypress and also hemp seed oil. This trio of ingredients are powerhouses in anti-redness and work side by side with the Blue Tansy Oil.

Add an appropriate moisturiser

Serums serve a vital role in any natural skin care regime and are usually followed by a moisturiser unless otherwise instructed. In the case of this regime, the moisturiser that follows the Blue Tansy & Cypress Anti-Redness Serum should contain anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile, white tea extra, lavender and sea-buckthorn oil. The Rose & Calendula Moisture + Face Cream is the perfect choice and also contains hemp seed oil.

Patch Testing

It is absolutely vital to patch test products when you're treating a skin condition. Please choose a small area of skin and apply the treatments over multiple days before using on the entire face. While you may be ok with one or two uses, when people are sensitive to a product (or a food for that matter), repeated exposure increases the reaction.

Sun Protection

Exposure to the sun will make rosacea worse in many cases. If you can't avoid sun exposure completely, choose a natural sunscreen make specifically for the face that has no added essential oils, as they can be an irritant.

Mayo Clinic


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