Using our doTERRA store to order product from the USA

While we keep a reasonable amount of products in our own warehouse from the doTERRA range, we don't stock everything, and there are many products that can only be ordered from the USA warehouse for personal use that we're not allowed to stock here in Australia. Navigating the doTERRA website to do this can be a little tricky, so we have written this quick guide.

Step 1

Visit our doTERRA store at

Step 2

Click on the SHOP link in the navigation at the top of the page. A fresh window will pop up.


Step 3

Choose English - Australia as your preferred language (which should be the default) and Australia as your country of residence. This will be the USA by default so you'll have to change it. Then click START SHOPPING.


Step 4

This is where you decide if you're shopping from the Australian Warehouse or the USA Warehouse. Products from the Australian Warehouse ship from Melbourne and you purchase in Australian dollars. From the USA Warehouse, you're buying in US Dollars, so while the prices may look cheaper they're not. The only time where it's viable to shop from the USA website is when it's a product that is not stocked in Australia.

BEGIN SHOPPING - is the Australian warehouse
BEGIN NFR SHOPPING is the USA warehouse


Once you're in here, it pretty much behaves like a normal online store. Go to the categories, fill your cart and proceed through the checkout.

You will find all the products we keep in our own warehouse in our essential oils category.

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