Using Glasslock glass food containers for your lunch

We have plenty of lunch box options in store, but one thing a lot of people don't always consider is using glass food containers as a lunch option.

These containers from Glasslock are the perfect choice to store or cook food, then put left overs in the fridge or the freezer without the need to transfer it to a new container. Grab it out of the fridge the next day and place in the lunch bag of your choice and you are ready for work! Might even be able to sleep in for an extra 10 mins with all the time you will save :)

Even though the glass is shatter resistant, these containers are a little heavier than the usual style bento box or stainless steel lunch boxes and so for both of those reasons we recommend they be used for adults and transported in a cooler bag, rather than used for school lunches for kids. But that is completely up to you.

Glasslock Oven Safe Glass Food Container Set - 3 piece rectangular set

Glasslock comes in a variety of sizes & shapes. The different sizes in each shape (round, square & rectangular) are nestable in your cupboard when not in use to save on storage space, as are the round mixing bowls, great news for kitchenware junkies with limited cupboard space!

The set that is especially good for lunches includes three rectangular containers that are nestable and stack away inside each other when not in use.

1 x 485ml rectangular container | 148mm x 99mm x 57mm
1 x 970ml rectangular container | 177mm x 131mm x 68mm
1 x 1730ml rectangular container | 208mm x 162mm x 79mm

Made from - Shatter Resistant Oven Safe Tempered Glass (base), BPA Free polypropylene & silicone seal (lid)


glasslok glass food containers

glasslock lunch set


  • Shatter Resistant Oven Safe Tempered Glass Container
  • 100% Air & Liquid Tight BPA Free Lid with Easy Open & Close Snap Lock Lids
  • Oven Safe up to 230°C (glass base only)
  • Microwave*, Freezer & Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Stain & odour resistant


Tips for use & care of glass food containers

  • Hand wash or use a mild cycle in the dishwasher using the top rack.
  • Avoid abrasive scourers
  • Not suitable for use on hotplates
  • The silicone seal in the lid can and should be removed for washing to avoid water being trapped and mould growing.
  • Avoid severe & sudden temperature changes. (ie: frozen meals should be defrosted before putting back in the oven)
  • If using the lid in the microwave, ensure it is unlatched & loosely sitting on top. Open away from the body to avoid scalding
  • When using in the freezer, only fill to a maximum of 80% as food & liquids expand when frozen.
  • This product is covered under warranty for 1 year due to manufacturing defects. Call 1800 252 624 for further information.

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