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Two new designs in the Avanti 1.5 litre insulated water bottles

Each summer since their introduction in to our water bottle range, these 1.5 litre insulated water bottles from Avanti have been a popular choice. They have the following features not all of which are found in your standard 1 litre water bottle.

Superior Insulation

The Avanti 1.5 litre bottles keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. They are the perfect drink bottle for a tradie who spends all day out in the sun. In winter, they can take coffee or any other hot drink, in summer, fill them with water

Easy Grip Carry Handle

This bottle comes with a carry handle with finger grips. The piece of the handle that's attached to the bottle swivels around and the actual handle is on a hinge that will move from one side of the bottle to the other in any position you choose.

Wider Mouth Opening

The larger capacity of this bottle also has it coming with a wider mouth opening, which is just under 5cm in diameter, the 1 litre and under bottles are just 3.5cm. This extra diameter makes it easier to clean and also means that you could carry around 1.5 litres of slightly chunky soup to a picnic. While it's not wide enough to eat out of like our insulated food flasks, it's certainly wide enough to fill, store and then pour out in to something else when you're ready to eat. Food flasks don't come in this type of capacity, so it's a great option if you need it.

Getting the best out of hot insulation

If you're storing a hot drink in it, to get the most out of your 12 hours insulation, pre-heat the bottle with boiling water for 5 mintues and ensure that you fill it. Regardless of the product or the brand, any insulated water bottle or food flask will instantly lose performance if it's not completely filled. Any time you remove the lid, heat will escape and reduce your time. At the end of the insulation period, if you keep your bottle or flask closed and full, you can expect to be holding around 50% of the original temperature. Some products perform better than this, but that's the industry standard. Each product has a different insulation time, so check the details on our website to find out what will suit your needs.

Not big enough?

At 1.5 litres, this bottle packs quite the punch. Visit our 2 litre large water bottle category to find stainless steel options almost 2 litres in size (1892 ml to be exact) and some BPA Free options up to 3.8 litres in capacity.

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