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Travelling with your essential oils

If you use essential oils in the home and you're going away this holiday season, there is a simple way to travel with them and your diffuser. While a typical ultrasonic vaporiser has a footprint of around 13cm in diameter, making it quite bulky to pack away in to a suit case and travel with, this week we have launched the Aroma Move from Lively Living which is much smaller to travel with.

The Aroma Move is around the size of a small water bottle, at just 15cm tall and 6.5cm in diameter. If you're looking for a diffuser to tuck in to your luggage, this one is easy to pack. For the truly mobile, this diffuser can be used in the car too. The water bottle shape is no coincidence. It is designed to fit in your car cup holder and comes with two different power plugs, one for Australian mains power and another for your car's cigarette lighter charger. Because your car is a confined space, this diffuser runs in 2 modes, a high mist or a low mist, and for use in the car, we do recommend the low mist and to start off by using just 1 drop of your essential oil to ensure that it's not too strong. You can increase to 2 drops depending on the oil. We use and recommend the doTERRA range for those with sensitivities. If you have children in the care, please don't diffuse for extended periods of time and check the safety information on any essential oils you use around children.


The Aroma Move is available in 3 different colours, the one above, a light purple one and a full black one to seamlessly blend in with the interior of most cars.


Speaking of travelling light, be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram as we launch a series of blogs for people who are travelling during the school holidays and still want to be both natural and eco-friendly as much as they can be. Our next blog post will be about multi-taking products from our natural skin care and beauty range so you can pack light, and it includes a handful of products that are in solid form and not liquid, so there's no risk of leakage through your luggage or having issues with a liquid allowance in carry on luggage on a plane.


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