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The staying power of natural foundation

We had a customer question this week about getting natural foundation to stay on all day. When using a natural or organic mineral makeup product, ensuring your skin is properly prepared before you apply your makeup is just as important as the application. We scoured the internet and asked some experts what their tips are for getting your foundation to stay on all day.

Troubles with a mineral foundation clumping and being uneven on oily skin?

We quizzed an expert on this one. Firstly, ensure you're using quality organic skin care to prepare your face each morning. Cleanse with an organic cleanser specifically designed for oily skin. Follow up with a moisturiser and then apply your mineral powder over your moisturiser. If you're using a good quality one, it can act as a primer. If you're still not getting even coverage, apply a primer to your face before applying your foundation. Zuii Organic have 4 primers in their organic makeup range. A plain primer, an apricot colour corrective primer for pigmentation and dark circles, a mauve primer for brightening the skin and a mint colour corrective primer for correcting red tones.

Once you're cleansed, moisturised, primed and have your foundation in place, dust with a mattifying powder or setting powder. La Mav have a Mattifying Powder in their range that will suit this job nicely. The Mattifying Powder can be reapplied during the day to keep your foundation in place, especially if you're touching your face a lot.

General tips for foundation staying power

For general tips, we scoured the internet to collate some of the best tips for flawless foundation application and staying power.

  1. People with dry skin are best to choose a foundation that has moisture in it, so choosing a liquid foundation with a cream base is ideal. Those with oily skin should choose foundation wtihout oil, whether it be an oil free liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream or a powder mineral foundation.
  2. Use a primer. Whether it's in the form of a good quality moisturiser or a dedicated foundation, make sure you have an even canvas to start with.
  3. Apply your foundation with a brush. I know, we all just use our fingers, and if you're applying a mineral powder, then a kabuki brush should always be a part of your kit, but you will also get a better application with a liquid foundation by using a brush. Check out the range of Ere Perez vegan makeup brushes to find the perfect one for your needs. You won't transfer any oil or dirt from your hands to your face if you use a brush.
  4. Finish off with a powder. As we mentioned above, using a setting powder or mattifying powder will help to prolong the staying powder of your makeup.

One last tip, which isn't one for the day of application, but more of a general beauty tip is to ensure that you exfoliate once a week for an even canvas. Visit our natural face exfoliant category for a selection, including the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub with argan stem cell + chlorella growth factor. Every customer that has left a review on this one gave it 5 stars.

So, in summary:-
Cleanse, prime, apply, finish.


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