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The Coconut Magic Coconut Oil Spa

Our friends at Coconut Magic have put a great idea for a pamper session up on their Facebook page and we wanted to share it with you. We haven't tried it yet, but we have all the ingredients and it sounds heavenly.

What you'll need

20 Minutes

Easier said than done for a lot of people, but it's really important to take time out to relax in a busy and crazy world. I know this only too well. For me, I have a couple of 'touchstones' in my life where relaxation and switching the brain off are #1. For me, touching water is one of them. Whether it's washing my hands, having a shower or even doing the dishes, that signal of touching water is to let life's problems leave my head for just a moment and take a breath and relax.

Coconut Oil 75g

Use the good stuff. This is a pretty generous amount. Coconut Magic do a 150ml jar for $10.95, so you'll get 2 treatments out of that, but honestly, you're much better off buying your organic coconut oil in larger quantities. Coconut Magic also do a 1.5 litre for $59 and a 5 litre bucket for $165, which we permanently have at 5% off because it fits in to our 'Spend $100 on food and get 5% off all the food in your cart' every day discount. You can find all of these in our coconut oil category.

Lavender Oil 10 drops

If you visit the organic essential oils category of our store, you'll find more than one. We have a certified organic Lavender Oil from Mt Retour, a natural one from the Olive Oil Skin Care Company and our premium pick from doTerra Australia, their food grade Lavender oil. You can use this in a vaporiser, in the bath or even to flavour desserts when you're cooking. Many people who are normally sensitive to essential oils can tolerate doTerra oils. This one is also available in a small bottle in their starter pack which also has Peppermint and Lemon oil (all food grade).

Epsom Salts

For quality on a budget, we can't go past the Power Bodycare Magnesium Miracle Soak. Any epsom salts will do. Simply read the pack to find out how much to use.



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