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Stasher reusable bags - new sizes and colours.

Stasher is the world’s first self-sealing, air tight, reusable sandwich bag - this isn't made from plastic!! All stasher products are made of 100% pure platinum grade silicone (sand [silica] and water) which is a quality standard higher than food grade silicone.


stasher bags - the purity of glass and functionality of plastic.


Stasher bags can be used for sandwiches and snacks and are an air tight and plastic free replacement for single use zip lock bags. They are perfect along side a snack sized bento box to store a sandwich, some snacks, or even some of those watery items that can't easily be stored in stainless steel lunch boxes for risk of leaking like watermelon and pineapple.
They can also be used for cooking in the microwave, for storing items in the freezer, and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Now available in three sizes and additional colours, we have received our new shipment of the latest range of Stasher bags. Choose from :

Snack sized stasher bag
292ml volume
Dimensions : 11.5cm x 19cm x 2cm
Colours available : clear, raspberry, aqua

Sandwich sized stasher bag
450ml volume
Dimensions : 19cm x 18cm x 2cm
Colours available : clear, raspberry, aqua

Half Gallon, large sized stasher bag
1898ml volume
Dimensions : 26cm x 21cm x 2cm
Colours available : clear


stasher bags

Every time we get them they do sell out extremely quickly though, so if you are looking to finally get rid of disposable zip lock bags once and for all then get in and order these quick! We have a whole string of 5 star reviews on the clear version of these bags just like this one below!


Snap lock bags were a disposable item I was struggling to replace effectively. I used snack bags but I really wanted something more watertight. The Stasher filled that gap perfectly. It's perfect for keeping snacks in your hand bag (much more space efficient than plastic boxes) and great for keeping things in a lunchbox as well. I also keep moist cloths in there when I'm taking the children out. Highly recommended! CS.

If you don't want to wash your Stasher Bags in the dishwasher, simply washing in a sink of warm water and some natural dishwashing liquid is sufficient and then leave them to dry in the dish rack on the bench.

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