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Stainless Steel Pegs Hangers arrive

The rise and rise of stainless steel clothes pegs in Australia has been quite the story over the last 12 months, but they're not all created equal. The variations in the infinity style pegs that you'll see in our new hangers can vary for stainless steel grade, peg size and also the thickness of the wire used which determines whether they'll hold heavy items, which means, in turn, they're harder to open and close.

Wire Pegs were the first brand in to bring these pegs to Australia and they are still leading the way with new products in the category. The Stainless Steel Peg Clothes Hangers in the range are the perfect solution for a couple of laundry issues:-

  • When you're low on space, use a hanger to dry 18 or 19 small items in a much smaller space
  • When you're drying lots of little things on a day where you think it might rain
  • When you're drying things like thick socks or Hannahpad that can take more than a day to dry regardless of the weather

The new Hangers are available in 2 different grades of stainless steel, and they are grades you may not have heard of before, 201S and 304S. For performance, the 201S grade stainless steel sits between 201 and 304. The 304 grade is what most stainless steel water bottles are made from. The 304S sits somewhere between 304 and 316 grade. The 316 is marine grade and best suited to conditions where the pegs are out for long periods of time. Because of the number of joins in both of these hangers, we do recommend you bring both inside in between uses.




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