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Sol Bottles & Coffee Cups in new colours

There are many instances where natural and eco friendly products become so popular that the manufacturers can't keep up with demand. It happened when the war on waste aired last year with the reusable coffee cup. All brands were caught off guard (as were we) and it was almost impossible to get stock. It happened this year once the supermarkets announced their ban on plastic bags and a run on reusable shopping bags took place. Even now we're struggling to get stock back from some brands.

This week, we're pleased to announce that we have a fresh batch of stock from Sol Cups and Water Bottles, as the shelves were looking very bare. Their glass water bottle is like no other on the market and we have been out of stock of all colours for weeks now. We have ordered an excess of stock in the hope that we won't run out and there's new colours available - black, grey and dark green.

What do we love about the Sol Glass Water Bottle?

The 850ml volume. Most glass water bottles are smaller than that. In other brands, 750ml is the max, and many others made from soda lime glass are only 500ml or 600ml due to the weight of the bottle. This brings them the closest we can to a 1 litre water bottle that's made from glass.

Borosilicate glass means lighter weight. Borosilicate glass is tougher than soda lime glass, it can tolerate some heat and can be made thinner. Your glass kettle, coffee machine, glass bakeware and more will be made from this type of glass.

Comes with its own bottle brush. Expect to pay $10 or more for a large bottle cleaning brush, and when you do, is it going to reach the bottom of your water bottle? The Sol Water Bottle comes with its own cleaning brush and it's designed for the bottle, so you can rest assured it's going to reach where it needs to.

Silicone protective base. Glass is always prone to breakage and borisilicate glass is no exception. A solid silicone protective base that goes half way up the bottle protects it from most small slips.

No plastic touches your water with stainless steel on the inside of the lid. Most glass water bottles on the market still have a plastic lid. This one has stainless steel on the inside portion of the lid that touches your water, for a true plastic free drinking experience. Most people who filter their water do it from a water filter jug that's either fully made from plastic or at a minimum, the filter cartridge is plastic while the jug is glass. With a large volume bottle and a plastic free lid, if you filter and pour straight in to the bottle, your water will spend very little time in contact with plastic.

New colours in the Sol Coffee Cups

In the larger 16oz size, we now have the same three new colours as the water bottles - black, grey and dark green. In the 8oz and 12oz, a fresh new light colour called Coast Cream is now on the shelves.

We have ALMOST everything in stock in every colour, but there were a small number that we couldn't get our hands on.

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