Reusable freezer bags

UPDATE : This product is no longer being made. Please visit our Reusable Sandwich Bags & Food Wraps for other reusable options suitable for freezing.

Many butchers are starting to actively advertise that they will allow customers to bring their own containers to put their meat in after supermarkets actively declared they wouldn't allow them in their deli sections. Carrying 8 to 10 containers (or even more for a large family) can be bulky, and if you're using glass food containers from brands like Glasslock, they're heavy too. There's a less bulky and more lightweight option.

These Full Circle reusable freezer bags have a 4 litre capacity and are just $10.95 each. They are made from FDA-Grade EVA plastic (not silicone like the more expensive option from Stasher Bags which are just under 2 litres for $49.95). Like any reusable plastic product, as long as they are taken care of and washed correctly, reusable plastic is is a far better option than single use items.

They're not just for the butcher either, use them to freeze left overs, take them to bulk food stores, store leftover salad in them, the ideas are endless. The size & shape of the bag allows you to keep some air in it to cushion the leaves and prevent them crushing. If you already own one, we would love to see your reviews and photos on the website.

Full Circle Reusable Freezer Storage Bag 4L capacity - Clear

  • Freezer Safe but can also be used for your bulk food pantry shopping.
  • Not suitable for the microwave or the oven.
  • BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalate Free.
  • 4 litre capacity.
  • Zip lock closure, and leakproof when completely closed.
  • Can be labelled with a whiteboard marker, then wipe clean as you are washing them.
  • Soft and flexible to save space in the fridge or freezer.
  • Recommended to be hand washed in natural dishwashing detergent but they are top rack dishwasher safe if you prefer.

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