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That Red House stock update

I dare not mention it yet (ahem Christmas shopping) but there are a handful of products that we're going to have some issues getting stock with, plus, we wanted to give you an update on That Red House from our natural cleaning products and plastic free range.

That Red House Soapberries in Wooden Box - $50

They're back, and they have been upsized! These make a beautiful gift for any eco warrior friend or family member. These soap nuts are now 1kg in size in this reusable timber box and will do you up to 365 washes. Stock is arriving within 7 days. Please put your details in to our stock notification system and we'll email you when they arrive.

That Red House Woolen Dryer Balls

We still have stock at the moment, but there will be no fresh deliveries for 5 to 6 weeks, which gets us to the pointy end of present shopping. If you wanted to pop these under someone's tree and you don't like leaving the shopping until the last minute, grab yourself a set of woolen dryer balls while we still have stock

Laundry Tonics coming back in to stock

The Laundry Tonic range from That Red House are a blend of essential oils designed to either be put in the wash, in the rinse cycle of your machine or on to your woolen dryer balls to add some natural fragrance to your clothes, towels or bed linen. They are available in 4 scents, and two of them sold out in a matter of days. There's more stock arriving with our timber boxes in a few days.

  • Sweet Orange - a pure single essential oil
  • Citrus Fresh - a fresh and uplifting blend of lime, lemon, eucalyptus and sweet orange (great for towels)
  • Clean Linen - a blend of orange, eucalyptus and lavender (lovely for your bed sheets)
  • Earth Spice - a blend of rosemary, cedarwood, tea tree and clove

The oils are $19.95 per 20ml bottle and come with an easy to use 'eye dropper'. Each bottle should contain over 300 drops, doing you around 60 loads per bottle if you're using 5 drops a load.


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