Recycling the filter cartridges in the Waters Co filters

For some of our customers, the health aspect of the products we sell is the reason they shop with us, for others, being eco-friendly is top of mind. Our popular water filter jug from Waters Co Australia has a filter cartridge kit that lasts for 2 years. There's a main cartridge that sits in the middle of the jug that lasts the full 2 years, a mineral cartridge at the bottom that puts minerals back in to your water that lasts for 2 years as well, and above those, a smaller cartridge that has a lifespan of 6 months, so you get 4 of those in the filter kit.

With some of the water filter jugs that are cheaper to buy up front, cartridges need replacing every few weeks, and over the lifespan of the jug, not only is the Waters Co cheaper to run, but they make less waste. And the added bonus of the Waters Co is that unlike most other jugs, this is a fluoride water filter, removing 99.99% of the fluoride in your drinking water. It is unrivalled in the marketplace.

When you're done with your filter cartridges for your Waters Co jug, you can open them up and take the inner filter components and put them in your compost or bury them in the garden. The plastic components of the filter cartridge can be placed in your recycling bin. If you are trying to live a plastic free life, this jug may not be for you, as the jug itself is plastic and so is the external portion of the filter cartridge. However, it's an incredibly budget friendly way to remove fluoride from your drinking water and many people choose to filter their water through the jug and not allow the water to stay in contact with plastic for very long. You can simply pour your water directly in to a glass water bottle or a stainless steel water bottle as we have done in the picture at the top of the page, and store the water there for future use. If you're ok with bpa free plastic, we do sell a 2 litre water bottle perfect for this too.

*Water jug pictured at the top of the page filling a Klean Kanteen drink bottle.


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