Plastic free bathroom tips

One of the most exciting things about our new Shop Naturally 2.0 website is the filtering we have implemented. We have researched every single product in our store to determine the ingredients, the packaging, the values of the company that supplies them to us, and even the way it is shipped to us (and then to you).

One of the things this now means is that our plastic free category on the website is more comprehensive than ever. So - if you are looking to swap out products in each area of your home, then you can easily browse and decide what to purchase when your current product runs out.

For the bathroom you do have lots of options for 100% plastic free, plastic free packaging and almost plastic free.

Here are a few ideas:

Beauty and the Bees natural shampoo bars are 100% plastic free. The shampoo bars are packaged in a cardboard box. They do natural conditioner bars too in a metal tin. The only products in the range that has plastic in the packaging is the Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner rinse which is packaged in a glass bottle with a plastic screw top lid.

"Love using a bar soap. I have yet to use the apple cider vinegar rinse yet already I feel it so soft on my scalp. My hairdresser sees the difference as my hair was very dry."

"Great zero waste product. No.more itchy scalp!"

Bass Brushes have a range of bamboo combs that are 100% plastic free, and their hair brushes are made from sustainable bamboo with a small amount of rubber to hold the bristles in place.


bass brushes

Go Bamboo have 100% plastic free cotton buds made from sustainable bamboo and cotton.

"An excellent quality product ! So good not to have plastic in the product or packaging. Hope to see other s following your lead!"

They also have several options of you want to try a bamboo toothbrush, which has bamboo handles and nylon bristles. Once you are done with the toothbrush you can shave off the bristles and then compost the handle.

More and more natural skin care brands are starting to package their products in glass jars nowadays and although this still means that they have plastic lids, you can recycle these jars by using them again in your home to make the most of them. Some brands are starting to use metal tins for packaging but there are some difficulties in this. Small changes are a great start though and hopefully over coming months and years we will see more options available.



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