Why the planet loves Kooshoo plastic free hair ties

Hair Ties / Hair Elastics. Call them what you will, they're usually cheap, made from something synthetic and purchased and some are then lost / thrown away fairly early in to their life cycle. They can pull on hair, make the hair shaft break, the little metal joins can tear at your hair and get caught and generally, they're pretty bad for the planet.

Enter Canadian company Kooshoo and all that changes. Kooshoo are a small family business slowly taking the world by storm, one ponytail at a time!

Kooshoo base their business on ethical choices

If your shopping choices are made on the impact the product has on the planet, not only while they're made, but the ethics of the manufacturer and what happens to the product when you're finished with it, Kooshoo are by far the plastic free hair ties that the planet has fallen in love with.

  • ORGANIC & NATURAL - using only GOTS certified organic cotton, the external cover uses no pesticides.
  • FAIR WAGES - fair trade partners are chosen around the world to create sustainable jobs with fair wages around the world. Sure, a factory in China could make these cheaper, but that's not what Kooshoo is about.
  • SOLAR ENERGY & CERTIFIED SUPPLIERS - their Los Angeles based dye house uses solar power in their facilities. The Indian Dye House is GOTS organic certified and packaging printers are FSC & NAPM approved. There's no plastic in the product or the packaging.
  • ARTISAN HAND DYED - some artisan crafts are falling by the way side. By supporting manufacturing with fair wages in small locations, the workers not only have proper paying jobs, but they're keeping a skill alive for the next generation that can be in danger of being lost as technology changes the world.
  • CHARITY - Kooshoo have an active charity program in place, donating product almost every day to help support charities in raising funds

Kooshoo Hair Ties are 100% Biodegradable

Made from 75% GOTS certified organic cotton and 25% natural rubber, both of these natural materials are biodegradable at end of life. There's no plastic in landfill. Your Kooshoo used hair ties, once they've lost their stretch, can go in to your compost bin with the veg scraps.

'Plastic Free' the rest of my hair care routine with bamboo hair styling products

We have a range of bamboo hair brushes and combs available. Bass Brushes have you covered with brushes in oval shapes, rectangles and ergonomic s-bend style. Their combs come in a wide / fine tooth combo, a pocket fine comb and a wide tooth comb for wet hair.

Finish by adding the shampoo bars both we and the planet loves

If you have tried and failed and given up on shampoo bars, we're here to tell you to give it ONE LAST CHANCE. Earlier this year we took the plunge to stock the well known brand in colourful boxes that may have seen, when we were met by Priceline and the Australian distributors retail arm selling to the public for 50% off. This was cheaper than what we paid for our stock, so we sent it back and vowed not to do business with a brand who doesn't value their smaller stockists. So we went on the hunt for a premium replacement, and what we found just blew our minds. They're sooooo much better. Being undercut by the big guys did us a H-U-G-E favour.

Enter Nuebar. Like Kooshoo, the source and quality of the ingredients is paramount. They're made by hand in Sydney and formulated by an experienced naturopath. If you have curly hair, there's a bar that's Curly Girl Approved. If you have a sensitive scalp or nose, there's an unscented sensitive version (we're yet to find another brand with a decent unscented product). If you have dry hair we have a bar specifically for your hair. Oily hair too, there's a bar just for you. The conditioner bar is beyond amazing and I can honestly say that I have never found a shampoo and conditioner combo, liquid or bar, that gives my hair the body, bounce and shine that Nuebar does.

I tried and failed with so many shampoo bars in the past. There's loads on the market that are more like soap and they're drying. Nuebar is pH balanced. There's also a lot of shampoo bars with cheap and nasty essential oils and poor raw ingredients. They were all a giant fail for us. Nuebar gives you around 80 washes from a bar in the low $20 price bracket. They represent good value when you compare them with bottled products and they have the added bonus of being palm oil free and plastic free.


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