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NEW Zero Waste Shopping Set from Ever Eco

In NSW where I live, 6 months ago, walking around your typical supermarket or shopping centre, only a small number of eco savvy shoppers would be walking around carrying their own reusable shopping bags. Now, the number is growing. When the supermarket ban started in NSW, we sold out of bags in multiple brands in record numbers. Some we are still struggling to restock. Despite the repeated backflips by the supermarkets to hand out plastic bags for free, we seem to have become wide-spread adopters of this new habit - to bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket. 9 years ago when we first started this store, I used to carry my own water bottle around in the shopping centres too, and it was rare that I'd see anyone else doing it. Now everyone does. It's great to see times changes like this. Reusables, and carrying the around with you is becoming the norm.

While the supermarkets continue to sell thicker plastic bags for 15c that don't last longer than a handful of uses, there will always be people who will buy them all the time, or just some who will buy them when they forget. The new Ever Eco Zero Waste Shopping Set is a great product to keep in the glove box or a thoughtful gift for a friend just making the transition from the 15c plastic jobs.

It's an 8 piece set that's really a 9 piece set because the packaging is another cotton bag that you can use. So what's in the pack? You get 2 reusable grocery shopping bags and 6 reusable produce bags plus a bonus bag to carry everything in.

  1. 1 x Large organic cotton solid calico shopping bag. This is your first grocery bag. This one has internal pockets so you can stand up a bunch of celery, a bottle of olive oil or anything you like and it won't fall over and squash your tomatoes!
  2. 1 x Net Grocery Shopping Bag with long handles. This is your second grocery bag. These are really versatile for carrying things that are odd shaped. Ever Eco make one with long handles and one with short handles. The long handle bag is great for carrying over your shoulder.
  3. 2 x Large Net Produce Bags. At 30 x 40cm in size, fill them up with potatoes, apples, oranges or whatever you like. The net bags are lightweight and won't add too much to the weight you're charged as your fruit & veg goes on the scales
  4. 2 x Medium Net Produce bags. At 22 x 27cm, use these for smaller fruit & veg. If you're lucky enough to be shopping somewhere that does loose cherry tomatoes, just perfect. Snow Peas and all kinds of food are suitable for these bags.
  5. 2 x Medium Muslin Produce Bags. At 22 x 27cm they are the same size as the net bags but made of solid fabric. They will weigh a little more, so take that in to consideration when deciding what to put in them. Anything of a reasonable weight is fine.

All of that is pictured above. You also get a large solid muslin bag at 30 x 40cm to carry them all in (not pictured). Simply fold everything up and put in your drawstring bag and keep it in your glove box. You will always be prepared when you go shopping.

For cleaning, machine wash or spot clean in cold water only and hang to dry. These are all made from certified organic cotton and are prone to shrinkage.

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