New Ultra Sensitive range from Ecostore

If you take a close look at any small family based business, there's usually an underlying reason for the business being in existence. For us, it's catering to people who have chemical sensitivities and also those who have sensitive noses. The very first thing that started the inspiration for Shop Naturally to be in existence over a decade ago now was the need for me to have a range of natural cleaning products that are also unscented - safe for sensitive skin and sensitive noses.

We have been catering to this sub-segment almost exclusively with Abode Cleaning Products until now, but we have been unable to get our hands on the unscented laundry liquid for a few weeks now. We have some coming, but we know a lot of our customers have run out and this is causing an issue. Because of this, there is now a back up in store - a selection from Ultra Sensitive range from Ecostore. We are unable to get it in bulk, so there is an added cost to using it all the time, but it's vital for those who have sensitivities to be able to have permanent access to the products they need to stay safe. For others who are just sensitive to the smells, starting with an unscented product is a great way to add your own essential oils to get an aroma that's pleasing for you, especially in a laundry liquid and fabric softener which linger on the clothes.

What's available in the Ultra Sensitive Range

The Ultra Sensitive Range from Ecostore is approved by Sensitive Choice, which is a program to certify products suitable for those with asthma and other sensitivities. We are not stocking the full range, but we have the following core products for the laundry and dishwashing.

  • Laundry Liquid
  • Laundry Powder
  • Laundry Soaker & Stain Remover
  • Fabric Softener
  • Dish Liquid

For automatic dishwashers, we also have their tablets (which are unscented) and the Lemon Rinse Aid. An unscented version is currently unavailable. They used to make one many years ago but have since removed it from production.

The laundry products are made to suit both front and top load machines, so they are low sudsing. You can always use a front load product in a top load machine, but not the other way around. Top load specific products suds more, but with the technology improving in washing machines, very few cleaning product manufacturers are creating separate products for front and top load machines, they're all created to suit both.


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