New Tiffin Style Bento Box from Green Essentials

This week we announce the launch of our first Tiffin Style bento box in store. We have been reluctant to stock them in the past as every brand we had sourced was priced at the high end of the market and out of reach of those looking for a simple lunch box to send their kids to school with. Just in time for Christmas and Back To School 2017 (where has this year gone), Green Essentials have released a budget friendly Tiffin Bento in two styles - a duo and a trio. Don't be fooled by the price, budget does not mean cheap in this instance, it means affordable quality.

Double and Triple Decker


Before listing these in the store, we gave them a good test drive and then sent them in to our professional photo studio to give you a close up look at them. The volume of the Double Decker on the left is 1400ml and on the right, the Triple Decker is only a fraction larger at 1500ml. We wanted to show you this photograph without any tricky perspective angles. These are lined up perfectly next to each other and shot from the front. Below you will see them again with an old style 30cm ruler in front. Note: the markings on the ruler are in inches. We will be taking these back in to the photo studio over the next few weeks to find the perfect insulated lunch bag for them to live in.


What are the bentos made from?

They are made from 201 Food Grade Stainless Steel and nothing else. While the majority of stainless steel products made are from 304 grade, which is still food grade, the 304 has a higher level of nickel in it than the 201 grade. If you're one of those customers who has a sensitivity to the taste of nickel, drinking from a stainless steel water bottle or eating from a stainless steel lunch box can be problematic unless you choose a 201 low nickel option. You can even react to cheap cutlery made from stainless steel, so if you've ever been wondering why the spoon on your tongue for too long starts to taste funny, it's the nickel in the stainless steel. Investigate a 201 grade option.

Are they leakproof?

Almost. There are several stainless steel lunch boxes in store that are, but they have plastic lids. This bento box using a very firm pressure closure that's easy to open and close. It is always stainless steel on stainless steel, but it's a snug fit and will hold most things with ease.


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