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NEW: Thermos insulated water bottles with 12 & 18 hours insulation

This year, Thermos have introduced two new insulated water bottles to their range with flip top lids. To help you choose which bottle suits your needs, we are comparing the existing model (the blue bottle on the left) to the two new bottles we chose to add to our range.


Left 500ml | Middle 530ml | Right 710ml


All three bottles are made from food grade stainless steel. They are double wall vacuum insulated which means they are stainless steel on the inside and the outside.


Left & Middle - up to 12 hours insulation
Right - up to 18 hours insulation


All three bottles have a push button mechanism that reveal a pour spout. The way in which the buttons are locked in to place and the materials in the pour spout do differ slightly. The bottles on the left and the right have a locking mechanism so the lid cannot accidentally be bumped open during transit. The bottle in the middle doesn't, so it's not suitable to have rolling around a gym bag or a school bag as there's a small chance it could get bumped open.

The pour spouts on the bottles on the left and the middle are the same hard plastic the lid is made from. The bottle on the right is a food grade soft silicone spout that can be removed for washing.

When closed, all three Thermos bottles are leakproof, but as we mentioned with the middle bottle, it has no locking mechanism, so it's better suited to living on your desk or sitting in your car cup holder.


If you want to put any of these water bottles in a car cup holder, the narrowest bottle is just 6.5cm in diameter. If you need to know if they will fit in your lunch bag, we have the height measurements for to you. They are:-

LEFT - 6.5cm diameter | 25.3cm high
MIDDLE - 7cm diameter | 24.5cm high
RIGHT - 8cm diameter | 26cm high


The bottle on the left comes in blue (as pictured) a dark burgundy and also silver. The two new bottles (middle and right) only come in the silver as shown.


If you like one of these bottles, simply click on the picture below to be taken through to the shop. If you would like to have a look at what else is on offer, visit our WATER BOTTLE category and then jump to the refine search feature in the left hand column. This is our 'personal shopper' service where you can narrow your search by brand, price, materials, colour, diameter and several other key features so you end up with a small selection of bottles to choose from.



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