NEW: Thermos insulated bento box

This week sees the addition of a new product from the Thermos brand in to our store, and it's a one of a kind product in our store, an insulated bento box. And it's really roomy!!!

The outside of this insulated food jar is like the rest of the range, stainless steel vacuum insulated, which means the interior is stainless steel and so is the exterior and there's a vacuum in between the two that holds the insulation for you. There is one notable difference with this food flask as opposed to the rest that we have in store, this one is not designed to be used on its own. Instead, it has three purpose built, bpa free containers that stack perfectly inside the stainless steel flask, and these are what hold your food. The lid on the outer flask is not leakproof, so the inner containers do need to be used.


Inside, there are three containers, 1 large (10cm high) and 2 small (4cm high each). The total volume of all 3 containers is 1.3 litres. As you can see from the picture at the top of the page, it's an ideal configuration for rice (or pasta) in the large container and then your meat / sauce and condiments in the two smaller containers. Each container has a silicone seal, but we do advise that this product is kept upright for transport.

The Thermos insulated bento box is designed to keep your food either hot or cold for up to 6 hours. For the longest lasting protection, if you're using the food flask for hot food, we recommend you boiling the kettle or getting hot water out of a tap and pre-warming the flask for 5-10 minutes. If the flask is hot when you put it in, your food will stay warmer longer. This is the same advice we give people who are using a thermos flask, always pre-heat for longer lasting insulation. If you're putting cold food in it, likewise, some really cold tap water with some ice cubes throw in for 5-10 minutes will help to keep a salad and cold food insulated for longer as well.

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